Tuesday, May 22, 2012


 Last Friday morning, my little lady and I flew out to Virginia.  My parents were going to visit my Aunt Lora and her family in the DC area and then spend a week in Williamsburg.  I kind of invited myself along :)  I would have loved to have gone to Williamsburg with them but Nick had to go to Houston for work and Tracy was headed to London so I had to get back to watch Cole.  Of course we really wanted Cole to come with us but Finley still flies free and flights were pretty expensive.  Finley and I just stayed for the long weekend and it really was a great weekend!  My aunt and her family live at this amazing house and it is absolutely gorgeous!  I love the colonial style and that people don't have fences, everything is so open.

This is sitting on their patio, awesome views!

Their oldest daughter Madison loved playing with Finley.  Finley loved her too!!

One of the mornings, we went to watch their son Bryce play some flag football.  It was a beautiful morning and it was nice to spend some time outside.  The weather was perfect while we were there!
Their other daughter, Brooke.

These girls are the sweetest!  Lora and Gary sure have great kids!!  Love my cousins!! :)
 My parents wanted to take everyone out for dinner one night and we wanted to get the Bare family to try something a little different.  Our family absolutely loves sushi, but the Bare's hadn't really ever tried it so we ventured out and introduced them to the goodness of raw fish!  PLUS, I am finished nursing babies so I can eat whatever I want now!  Yay!!
After dinner we walked around and they showed us some of downtown Leesburg and Finley even stopped to play with some bushes :)

Our last night there, the Bare's had a banquet they had to attend for church so my parents, Finley and I went out, had dinner, drove around and had fun exploring.  
This was the first time I have ever ordered a "meal" for Finley...sniff sniff.  She is growing up too fast!

Mimi and Pap with Finley after dinner
Just hanging out with Papa

Monday mid morning, my parents dropped Finley and I off at the airport and they headed down to Williamsburg.  Again, Finley did great on the flight back!  It helps so much when the people you sit next to actually like children.  I have had my fair share of those people that hate kids and would get bent out of shape if they even got touched by a child.  So having nice people to sit next to that don't mind getting a few pokes, kicks and drooled on make it so much easier to travel!
Tracy picked us up at the airport and Finley was so excited to see her brother!  She has been by his side since we've been back and it's so sweet.
We had a quick dinner with Tracy then said good-bye to her, she was on her way to London for a couple weeks.  
This is how excited the kids are to be back together.
We aren't doing much today, just hanging out, doing lots of laundry...the stuff you do after a trip :)  We are definitely looking forward to having dad home tomorrow, it's so much better when he isn't traveling! :)

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