Sunday, May 27, 2012

What's Been Going On...

 Last Wednesday was Cole's last day of MDO.  Sad day for mom...and Cole.  Well, I don't think he really understood that he wasn't going to be going back to school for awhile but he acted a little sad when he said bye to Mrs. Lenore and Mrs. Xochitl.  On their last day they had a fun water day planned and the parents were welcome to come watch.  This is when I am so happy to be a stay-at-home mom so I wouldn't miss stuff like this.  I could tell that Cole was so happy that I was there and he kept telling all his friends, "that's my mom" :)  Melts my heart.  
The kids all had a blast playing with the water, here are some pictures.

Mrs. Xochitl and Mrs. Lenore showing the kids all the water fun
Finley even got in on the action!!
 Finley had so much fun, playing with all the big kids.  She's such a mess, she sat in a mud puddle and was absolutely filthy by the time we left.
This is her first ever Popsicle.  She LOVED it!

After the kids were done playing in the water, we went back to their classroom, got everyone cleaned up, then had a pizza party.  
 A couple of Cole's classmates followed Finley around for the longest time, it was so cute.  It is just so funny to watch the difference between boys and girls. Girls just have this instinct to love babies and nurture them, and the boys.....
 the boys were busy doing stuff like this.  Shutting themselves under the play sink.

Later in the week, we had a fun play date with our Mops girls.  The house we went to was absolutely fabulous and every kids dream.  I love doing stuff like this with the kids because it wears them out and they take great naps!!  :)

The rest of our long weekend has been spent with friends.  Pete and Katie and baby James came over for dinner Friday night.  Blake and Emily came over yesterday and we had a great time, and great conversation on the patio after the kids went to bed :).  This morning Nick and I decided to purge our house.  Eventually we want to sell our house (maybe in the near future) so we thought we might as well start organizing, fixing and de-cluttering the house.  Nick spent most of the day cleaning out the garage.  It's just crazy because we moved into this house pretty much immediately after college so we have all our old college stuff that just needs to go in the trash.  I mean, as much as I loved Political Science, I think we can live without those books :)
Tomorrow we have a fun day planned at the pool with friends, so this has definitely been a great weekend and it's nice to just stay home because the next 3 weekends will be crazy ones!!
Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!!

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