Friday, May 11, 2012

12 Months!

Happy 1 Year birthday Finley Marie!!
I can't believe that one year ago you were born, it sure has gone crazy fast!

You had your one-year well check this morning and it went great!!!  You didn't even have to get any shots, yay!  Here are your stats:
Weight:  21.3 lbs - 54%
Height:  30.25 in - 86%
You have definitely gone down in percentile with weight but about the same for height.  You are going to be our tall, skinny, blonde girl :) (Must come from your dad's side of the family because you DEFINITELY DO NOT get that from me, ha!)
Our doc said that he prefers us to give you coconut milk instead of cow's milk, so that's cool.  Plus, coconut milk is way cheaper than that organic whole milk! :)  I hope you like coconut milk, because your brother sure does.

 You are still wearing 12-18 month clothes, which is so weird to me because Cole was wearing 2T at this point.
Wear a size 4 diaper
Size 4 shoe
You hate wearing your bows....which makes mom sad, but dad happy :)
You are pretty much eating all table foods, doc gave us the ok to start on eggs and fish.
You pretty much like all foods, but don't eat a lot of food.  You eat like a bird.
I am pretty much officially done nursing, THANK GOD!!!  :)  Honey, I've loved it but holy moly you are one hard chick to nurse these past couple months, so we are done!  You are just way too busy!

 I think it's safe to say that you are officially sleeping through the night!  What is it with my babies and not sleeping through the night till they are a year?  You have slept through the night for a whole week straight so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
You are the absolute easiest baby to put down for naps and bed.  We just go lay you down, give you a paci for you mouth and one to hold on to and you put yourself to sleep so easily!

You still take 2 naps a day, but I can't wait till we can cut that morning nap out.
You are babbling so much, you remind me of your cousin Cameron :)  You are saying "mama", "dada", and thanks to Mimi, you are now saying "nooooooo".  It's so funny, but I know it won't be in a couple weeks!
You are officially walking, about 90% of the time.  And now that you are walking, you have become so independent.  I'm scared for our next flight to Virginia next weekend!!

You are still as annoying as ever to your brother.  He literally spends his entire day running away from you....poor kid!
You have definitely started showing off your sassy attitude and again, makes me scared for the future!
We love you so much Finley and are so proud and honored that you belong to us. 
Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!!

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