Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Neighbor and water fun

Last week, we spent a lot of time outside.  We are trying to take advantage of the weather before summer really hits here.  Cole loves it because when the older neighbor kids get home from school they all play outside and they all have so much fun.  We mostly play over at Jackson's house and all the kids come over and run around.  Luckily, even though they are all quite a bit older (1st and 3rd graders), they are all so nice to Cole and the little babies.  Jackson let Cole play with his Iron Man helmet and Cole refuses to take it off.  He is in super hero heaven once again.  It's funny because all the kids just call him "Iron Man" now and not even Cole :)

Finley and Kate love watching all the big kids play but it's getting tricky keeping them contained and making sure the older kids don't get run over by cars :(  Ugh....this is why I want to live on a cul de sac or on some acreage!!!  I hate having to worry about fast cars speeding down our road!
Cole even tried to put his helmet on Finley

Seriously, I don't know many 3rd grade boys that would actually sit with a little baby and play with her.  These boys are the sweetest!

Also, last week, we headed over to Susan's house and they have the best back yard!  We played in their backyard a couple times last summer and it's awesome!  They are right on the golf course so they have this huge yard with so many fun things for the kids to play with.  
The best was their giant blow up water slide/bounce house thing.  It's perfect for the kids, even Finley had a blast with it!

This little girl....my am I going to have to keep an eye on this one!!!  This girl has no fear!  I am just so used to Cole is is a very cautious, sensitive child.  Finley has no fear with the water or climbing up slides or being around the older kids.  She is definitely going to keep me on my toes!
Sarah Kate and Cole enjoying  a little capri sun
Isn't this the coolest setup??
There she goes

It's amazing to me how I feel that Finley catches on to things so fast!  Maybe time just goes so much faster with the second child but I swear I don't remember Cole doing this stuff till he was much older.  
Guess we are going to have to keep clothes on her at all times!
While I was packing for our trip to Virginia, I came out and found my children in our ottoman.  I'm not positive how Finley got herself into it but whatever.  Cole was "driving" her around :)

Last, and this is totally random, I have been so impressed with how much Cole is learning at his preschool.  He comes home almost everyday and tells me something new they learned and I love watching him learn and understand what they are teaching him.  Ever since the beginning of school, they send home different colored shapes.  They laminate and put a magnet on them so we can put them on our fridge and work on colors/shapes at home.  Well, a couple months ago, Cole brought home this shape.

Ok, now...I'm pretty sure when he told me it was a "rhombus", my first thought was "what the heck is a rhombus?".  And I'm pretty positive I didn't know what that was when I was 3 years old :)  So yes, my 3 year old IS smarter than me!

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