Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012 - Colorado

Saturday, December 22nd, we headed out to Colorado for Christmas.  We had a super early flight but the kids were troopers and were just so excited to go on an airplane ride!  You can see in this picture that it was still dark out :)
 The flight there was great, we had no delays and everything went smoothly.
When we arrived at Denver, my parents were there to greet us at the airport and as soon as we got into the car, the kids were out within minutes.
 Once we got there, the kids were quickly checking out all the toys and Uncle Ross even got out the guitar.  They were mesmerized! 

 We spent some time over at Ryan and Rachel's and the kids had so much fun over there because they have so many fun toys to play with!
Cameron was trying to hard to cuddle with can tell he looks a little uncomfortable :)  Guess he gets that from his mother :)
 The kids sat together and ate s'mores.  It was adorable!
 Christmas Eve:
We mostly just hung out at my parents house Christmas Eve.  After their naps we headed to church and got the kids all dressed up.  
How adorable is she!?!  This purple skirt will be the best to twirl around in!

They even let me take a picture before we left for church.  This was also before Cole got his hair cut, it's a little ridiculous in this picture.  Looks much better now!

 Headed to church

 When we got home, Ryan and Rachel's family came over and we had a wonderful dinner and opened presents.  
Mimi with Sydney

 Rachel made a birthday tree for Jesus
 Finley could hardly wait to get her hands on those cupcakes!
 We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and blew out some candles...the kids loved it!
 Cole and Cameron even "cheers'd" with some sparkling!!!!
 Nick ran outside with the big kids because later in the evening, it started to snow and was the perfect Christmas Eve night!
 Me and Sydney
 Giddy up Daddy!!!!!
 What are the odds that all four kids had Hanna Anderson jammies?  We had to get a picture of them in their sweet clothes.
Cole, Finley, Cameron, Sydney
 And one with Papa and Mimi

 Christmas Day:
After all the snow we got, we decided to go sledding with the kids.  Since we live in Dallas, we don't have snow clothes for the kids, but we rigged a few of my parents clothes and made the best of it.  They weren't too sure of the snow at first but overall they had fun.
Poor Finley fell off the sled and wasn't too happy with Papa :)
 Cole making snow angel's

The next day we took all the kids down to Denver Childrens museum.  It was the coolest place and so many fun things for the kids to do.  We were there almost 3 hours and didn't even get to everything.
The kids playing in the fire truck
 Cole making something with the tools....this station was a disaster waiting to happen for Finley, too many small pieces for her!
 Only in Colorado would there be a Whole Foods market for the kids to play in! :)  It was so cool though because I know when I was a kid, I wanted to be a checker at a grocery store!
 The bubble station....
 Cole giving us a puppet show
 And Finley playing at the dance station

One of the nights we were there, Nick and I were able to escape up to the mountains.  Blake and Emily were up there and Blake's parents have a gorgeous house near Breckenridge so we crashed with them for a night.  We enjoyed walking around Breckenridge and just relaxing.  We so appreciated Blake's parents letting us stay and really hope we can do it again soon.

As usual, the time went so fast and we wish we could've stayed longer but it would've been too long for our dogs to be alone.  Cole was also a little under the weather while we were there so it was nice to get back to the less-dry air so he could start to feel better.
We had such a great time in Colorado and can't wait to go back, hopefully we can get in one more trip before Finley turns 2 :)
Hope everyone has a great New Year!!

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