Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Just a lot of meltdowns!

 What's been going on with us the last week??  Well, I'll tell you...
 Last Thursday, Katie needed some help with James in the afternoon so I took the kids up after school and we stayed with James for a few hours.  Everything was all great and easy....while they were sleeping!!!  However, I did get a little stressed when everyone was awake and I was responsible for 3 kids, two which are 3 months apart.  We went to the park and as long as I could keep the littles in the swing it was pretty easy.  I just had to monitor Cole and make sure he wasn't scaring the little girls he was chasing because he was being Optimus Prime. :)
Finley and James...their swing date
I like Finley showing off her belly in the background.  Visions of her when she's 14 are appearing and it scares me! :)
We had such a fun afternoon with these turkey' would have been even better had we not gotten locked out of the house after we left the park, oops!

Friday afternoon Finley had her 18 month well-check.  Here are her stats:
Height:  33 in - 81%
Weight:  25lbs - 58%
So basically, she's going to be a tall skinny blond.  Must be rough....
After the nurse left and we were waiting for the doctor, the kids decided to hide.  They were hilarious!  Had Finley known what the nurse was about to do to her (shot) at this point, I'd be hiding too, Finley!!

 Finley only had to get one shot but she definitely was not a happy camper!  She was pretty dramatic the rest of the day.  I had to make a stop at Academy Sports on our way home to get Cole some soccer stuff.  This was the only thing that would make Finley happy while we were there.  Otherwise....she cried.

 While Cole and I were looking at the socks, I looked down the aisle to find my precious daughter, throwing a fit, pulling out all the shoe boxes and chunking them as far as she could.  I did what every parent would....I looked around wondering where this poor girls parents were. :)
Poor girl continued to have meltdowns the rest of the night...

I forgot to mention that last Wednesday night, Nick got me a brand new phone for an early birthday present.  I hadn't had a new one in almost 3 years so I was pretty excited to get something new.  Well, by Friday evening, after having the phone for 1.5 days, it ended up in the toilet.  I'd love to blame it one of the kids, but it was all me!  This phone is so stinkin thin and light and apparently I stuck it in my back pocket and didn't even know it was there.  Plus, I hadn't completely decided 100% if I was going to keep the phone (had 14 days to decide) so I didn't purchase a case for it yet so that slippery sucker fell right into the toilet.  
I snatched it out of the toilet, took it all apart, dried it off but had to leave right away for our Women's church Christmas banquet.  I cried the whole way there!  Yes, I was more upset about my stupid phone than just doing $750 worth of damage to my car.  Oh, forgot to mention that one....
I think it was just a really stressful few days and that was the last straw.  My poor friends at church had to watch me have an emotional breakdown.  Pretty sure they thought I was a crazy loon for freaking out over a dumb phone. 
 Anyway, we soaked the phone in rice for 2 days, got a new battery and it seems as good as new...I was so relieved!!! 

Saturday morning, Cole had his first ever soccer game.  He was so excited and it's probably the cutest thing I've ever seen!  A couple of the boys have been playing for awhile so some are really good, but I know Cole will catch on quick!  It seriously melts my heart seeing him in that adorable soccer uniform!

 Couple other random things...Cole came up to me the other day and asked if I'd help him change Finley's babies diaper.  Seriously, I could just eat this kid up, he is the sweetest!  He actually did a pretty good job putting it on.
 This is the latest with our house.  The inside is coming along wonderfully, but after sitting in front of our house for about 6 weeks, they finally started on the brick!  I was a nervous wreck before it went up because we weren't totally crazy about the brick we picked out but I think I'm pleasantly surprised it turned out as well as it did.
Also, Stacey and Beau were nice enough to come check out the house with me and give me their painting advice.  Stacey has such an eye for that stuff so I knew she'd give me good ideas....and she did.  We want to get the whole bottom floor painted before we move in because Nick would rather have a double knee surgery than paint, so we'll have someone do all that for us.
However, when I went up there with Beau and Stacey, I walked into the kitchen area and was admiring the lovely coffee brown cabinets that had JUST been stained.  It would be lovely and all, except our kitchen cabinets are supposed to be painted white!  Yeah, that's a big job!  Our bathroom cabinets are supposed to be that coffee brown but not the kitchen.  I do kinda feel bad (but not really) because they have to take the cabinets out, sand them, prime and repaint.  If I didn't want white cabinets, I'd pick the color they currently are...but I want white, we paid a stupid amount for white cabinets, so I better get them!
They did push our closing to the beginning of January, totally not surprised,  so we are about one month out and getting so excited!
Oh, and tomorrow is my birthday...yay me! :)

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