Monday, December 10, 2012

Polar Express

It's so fun that our kids are now at the age where the understand and appreciate the fun Christmas activities, so this year we took the kids to the Polar Express train ride in Grapevine.  Beau, Stacey and Grayson even joined us!  Gigi, Granddad, Blake and Emily also came along.  I think everyone had a really good time and seeing the look on the kids faces was priceless!

Cole with Santa Bear
We totally lucked out with the weather!  Just a couple hours before our train ride, it finally started to get cold.  It would have been really hard to get into the Christmas spirit if it was 80 degrees like last weekend.
Finley's poncho was the greatest invention ever!  Love it!

Auntie Em and Finley awaiting the train...

Cole, Finley and Grayson

She is hilarious, she wants to be just like the big kids...Miss Independent

It was so fun when you start walking to the train, they had snow machines and it was actually really good fake snow, it was the best atmosphere and the kids loved the snow.

Beau, Grayson and Stacey...and baby Walker is in there, 31ish weeks and counting.  Oh, you can't even tell she's pregnant?!?  Yeah, probably because she barely looks it!
Cole insisted on sitting with Grayson and those boys had so much fun together.  At one point Finley even wanted to be with the boys so it was me, Finley, Cole and Grayson all scrunched together in one seat :)  At least Beau and Stacey will know what it's like to have more than one child now :)
Love the look on his face!

Santa came through the train and gave all the kids their bell.  So glad Santa didn't come through at the beginning of the train ride, listening to kids ringing those bells for 30 minutes might have been a bit much :)  But, they loved it and Cole even had to take his bell to the sitter's this morning.

We had hot chocolate after the train ride was over and Finley was a nut about the hot chocolate.  This is basically what it looked like watching her drink it....


"Ahhhh....nom nom"  And she made sure to tell everyone how nummy it was!
It was such a fun evening and so glad the kids had so much fun.  We made great memories and so glad we got to do this with such great friends and family. 

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