Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's almost Christmas

I didn't realize that when you turn 31, your body starts feeling like an old woman :)  Maybe it was just coincidence that on my birthday I started to feel like any day now, I was going to get the flu.  You know, where your skin hurts, body is achy.  Well, I never got the flu and after going to the chiropractor for a couple weeks and still having horrible joint pain, I seriously felt like a little old lady with arthritis, I decided to just go to the doctor and see if they had any ideas.  Turns out, he thinks I came down with a virus (can't even tell you the name of it) but it's similar to when kids get fifths disease and it causes generalized arthritis.  Not much you can do for it except take anti-inflammatory pills but he said I could feel the effects of it for a couple months but if it doesn't get significantly better in another week or so I need to go back in and have blood work done.  Hey, I'm cool with a little long as I know what we're dealing with but if it doesn't get better I'm going to be annoyed (and worried).  
So since my bones feel oh so wonderful lately, I decided to put this bad boy together the other day.  Awesome idea, Annie!
This was Finley's Christmas present from my parents and we were originally going to wait to set it up till we moved into the new house but it's still over a month away so we thought we might as well.
The kids love it...and, I think I did a pretty darn good job putting it together.  Only took 5.5 hours....ugh!!!

 Last Friday night we had our Life Group Christmas party.  It's so fun getting all of us together (sans kids) and celebrating!  Since we don't currently live down the street from Pete and Katie's house anymore, we decided to just stay the night there since Granddad and Gigi were babysitting. 
It was such a fun night!!!  We are so extremely blessed with the best life group, these people will all be life-long friends!

 Love Jen...she was trying to do a "sic em bears"....apparently I thought she was weird :) ha!

 While we were celebrating Christmas with our Life Group, Gigi and Granddad took the kids to Southlake and went on a carriage ride.  Apparently the kids had a great time!

Nick and I stopped by our house while we were up in Frisco last weekend and they had just installed the granite.  Pretty exciting!!!
 This is from our breakfast area looking into the kitchen
 Photo bomb!!!
 We finally had to get onto our builder and sales guy because after the 7ish time of pushing our closing date back, we finally told them that we aren't pushing it back more.  We made the mistake of telling them we weren't in a huge hurry to get the house done and we feel that they've sort of taken advantage of that.  So, the latest is that January 25th will be the closing day.  So....Happy Birthday Cole, you get a new house for your birthday!

Just a few random pictures to leave you with....Granddad put together Cole and Finley's Christmas tree but unfortunately he wasn't here to help them put all the final ornaments on the tree so we sent him this picture to show him the final product.  Those are some cute kids!!!
Oh, don't worry Dad, Cole will be getting a hair cut when we come home next week!! :)  Right now he looks like he belongs at the beach with a surfboard in hand.
 Cole had his Happy Birthday Jesus party at school and they made these fun snowmen.
 And last, Cole had his very first music program at school and sadly I couldn't be there.  Nick and Gigi were able to go and took lots of pictures and video.  This definitely proved to us that Cole is definitely going to be our Broadway star....he's not so much into the team sports right now :)  He pretty much stole the show and sang all the words and followed along the entire time!  We were so proud of him.

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Christmas holiday and may your lives be blessed!!!

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