Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Any Ideas??

So, does anyone know why when we were in Corpus Christi for the weekend, Cole slept for 7 hours before waking up, but when we get back home he goes back to his 5-6 hour spans?? Hmmm....
I have a couple theories:
1. Corpus is extremely humid and right now in Dallas it is extremely dry, so I'm wondering if the dry air here in Dallas makes him more uncomfortable. When we are at home, he sounds congested sometimes...maybe we need to get a humidifier.
2. I think Cole got fed more while in Corpus...we had to do a lot more bottles because we had rehearsal dinners, the actual wedding, receptions, etc. When he takes milk from a bottle he takes in a lot more than if he is nursing, so maybe the more milk got him through more of the night.
3. Or, he just flat out is used to a certain routine while at home and is used to that

So....what does everyone think??? Any ideas????


The Haley's said...

Annie, I'm not sure WHY they do it, but Colin did it too! In Kansas he'd sleep until 4 eat and then sleep until 9. Now that we're home, every two hours. You're not alone! Good luck going back to work! Kelly Haley

Sherry said...

Hey. I totally recommend the humidifier if you haven't gotten one yet. The girls sleep so much better with it. Last night it was empty and we could tell by how LOUD they were snoring!