Thursday, April 2, 2009

First trip to Colorado

Cole made his first trip on an airplane to Colorado. Ryan, Ross and Rachel had not yet seen Cole so it was about time we made the trip. Everyone asks, "how did he do flying?". Well, he did great! On the way there he fussed a little at the beginning, but I gave him some bottle and he went right to sleep. I carried him in a sling which made it super nice because I had my hands free. Although, he is getting a little big for the sling now, guess next time we will have to use the baby bjorn.

We saw so many friends and family while we were there, sometimes in the evening Cole would get a little overstimulated and Nick would take him in the other room to get away from all the comotion. We were definitely sad to leave though, our next trip will be mid June and that will be for 10 days...can't wait!
Here's some pictures of our trip...

Cole finally able to wear his cute winter hat
Uncle Ross holding Cole
Uncle Ryan holding Cole
Aunt Rachel, she got a leg workout bouncing you around!
Me and Nick watching some basketball
My cousin Lauren holding Cole...he looks so comfortable huh? :)

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