Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Little Update

It has been so long since I have posted, so sorry! Quite a bit has happened in the last week or so. Cole took his 2nd plane ride to Corpus Christi for Beau and Stacey's wedding. He did awesome on the way down there, but on the way back, it was a little rough. First off, the plane was SO dang hot and it was one of those small planes that gives you no leg room, so we were all a bit uncomfortable. Second, I had yet to nurse Cole on a plane, or in public for that matter....so this was my first experience with that. Third, he had a huge poo explosion and this plane had nowhere to change a diaper, so the flight attendants let us go to the way back and I sat on the attendants seat and put Cole on my lap and Nick changed his diaper...ha! Oh good times! THEN, to top off the already eventful afternoon, we few into DFW airport and then Nick had to leave 45 minutes later for Chicago. He is gone the whole week for training, so being home alone with Cole for a week is kinda stressful. However, Ryan and Rachel are flying into town on Thursday for a long weekend. It will be great to have them here. They were able to spend time with Cole while I was home last, but with everyone wanting to see him, they didn't get to spend as much time as they would have liked.
I have also come to the realization that I have less than 2 weeks till I have to go back to work!! Boo hoo!!! I am so bummed out that I have to leave Cole, but at least it's only for 5 weeks, then I'll have the whole summer off. I wish so bad that I would have just taken the whole semester off, but that would have meant no shopping or fun outings for us for awhile :-)
Cole will be going to our babysitter on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then Nick's mom will come up here Thursday and Fridays, and then the last week and a half of May, my mom will be here. I think what I'm going to miss the most is our mid-morning time. That is when he is so happy and we just play and play. I get him dressed, he watches me eat breakfast and then we'll go into his room and either listen to music or I'll read to him and he is so attentive and just smiles and giggles...it's the best! I'll be sad to miss that, but at least I'll have the weekends to do that!
Sorry I don't have a whole lot of new pictures to post, I'm sure after Ryan and Rachel are here I will post some fun ones.
This picture is funny, Tracy's cousin Charlie and his wife Molly were in town and got him this onesie...it's a 6-9 month, but it is already pretty tight on him so he probably won't be able to wear it that much longer. It's cute though, and boy does he look like a little chunk!!

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Wendi said...

When you come back to work, you can come down to my room mid-morning & we can listen to music & you can read to me (or my class!)...I will smile & giggle for you to make you feel more at home! :-) (Or would that just be creepy?!) Anyway, we'll be glad to have you back even though I know you'll be sad to leave the little guy.