Thursday, April 9, 2009

Holy Moses!!!

Well Folks...believe it or not, Cole slept ALMOST 6 hours straight last night!!! I couldn't believe it...he woke up extremely hungry, I fed him, then went right back to sleep for another 3.5 hours. Now I'm wishing I would have gone to bed earlier because I'm pretty tired today.

Another hurdle we are going to have to tackle in the next month or two is breaking him of his swaddle blanket. That seriously is the only way that he will sleep more than an hour at a time. We mostly use the miracle blanket b/c it basically secures his arms down so he can't move them because we would use other swaddle blankets and he would wiggle his arms up to his face and wake himself up, but the miracle blanket does not allow that. NOW, I ordered a swaddle sack called The Woombie, which is a zip-up swaddle sack that is good for weaning babies off of being swadddled. It kind of looks like a tight sleeping bag. It gives them more movement capabilities, but won't let their hands up by their face. Then you can gradually unzip the bag, an inch or so a day till they are out of it. Oh, I sure hope this works!
I really like swaddling him, but my good friend Angela warned me that once he is able to rollover, that he could flip over like her little guy did, and that is scary because he could suffocate.
This is a picture of what the Woombie looks like....this obviously is not Cole. :-)

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The Barnes said...

Silas was swaddled until he was 6 months old. We used one of those "Back sleepers" on each side of him so he couldn't roll over. He wouldn't sleep otherwise, we slowly weaned him as well. I wouldn't worry too much about getting him off of it right now...He is too cute by the way! I had no idea you had this blog until just recently. Love it!