Wednesday, August 12, 2009

6 Month Stats

Cole had his official 6 month well check today, just a couple weeks late. It's always kind of a bittersweet appointment because I love seeing his progress and hearing the new things we can do with him, but then I hate him getting shots. Again, he only gets 2 at a time instead of 6, but still...

Here are his measurements and percentiles:

Weight: 22lbs - 96%
Height: 29 Inches - 98%
Head: 19 Inches - 100% - good things his head wasn't this gigantic when he was born! ha!!

The doctor just kinda laughs at how big he is, she said I must have a "high-calorie milk supply". She said we can also cut down on his feedings during the day, I think to 4 feedings and offer him more fruits and veggies. We can also start offering him a little bit of water when he eats his solids. I'm not too worried about the water right now though because if babies are still breastfeeding, they typically get all the water they need from that.
All in all, he is a very healthy boy and is right on track with his milestones (sitting, rolling over, etc.) However, she informed us that we will soon need to baby proof our house!!! AHHH!!! We have so much stuff we'll have to put up and lock up, I don't even know where to begin. If any of our friends want to bring over their toddlers and let them play around our house so we can see what needs to be put up, please feel free!!!

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