Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fun Bath Time and Sitting

We have been so lucky that Cole LOVES his baths! He has also now graduated to his duck bath. It's kinda like a blow-up pool, so that if he falls over, it won't hurt. With him sitting now, we thought it would be good to put him in the duck since he grew out of his infant tub like 4 months ago...ha! Here are some pictures of his bathtime.
Also, here are some pictures of Cole sitting. He's so good at it now, he'll sit there for an hour if I let him. You can also see in a couple of these pictures that he has his tongue sticking out. I think he might be getting his bottom teeth in because he's been constantly sucking on his lower lip or sticking his tongue out. It's funny!

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tracyseeman said...

Hello! I have many pics of Mama Seeman sticking her tongue out. It may be genetic like the toe curling! Enjoy, he is wonderful just like his parents...MIL