Monday, August 10, 2009

Wisconsin 2009

Last week we flew to Milwaukee and spent the week there and also in Green Bay for a few days. It sure was a whirlwind of a week, but we all had a great time and definitely stayed busy.
We first stayed at my Uncle Randy and Aunt Pam's house and had so much fun hanging out with everyone, my parents even flew in from Colorado to see everyone. We ate lots of good food and just hung out. It's also pretty typical for everyone to play kickball, and at least this time Nick didn't break the ball!!!
Here are some pictures of our time with Randy and Pam's family...
Aunt Pam with Cole

Grammy giving Cole a bottle

Cousin Brett with Cole

Cecelia, Abby, Nick and my dad...getting ready for kickball

What Cole would look like as girl....haha!!! Thanks Betsy and Abby!!!

Abby bouncing with Cole...his favorite thing, can you tell??

We then spent a couple days with Nick's Uncle Dan and Aunt Judy. They have 2 girls, Anna and Emma, that just couldn't get enough of Cole. Literally, they would fight over him...ha! :) Cole experienced his first trip to a park and his first pool. Although, he didn't really get in the pool, just his feet. Here are some pictures of our time with Dan and Judy's family.
Emma and Anna with Cole

Anna with Cole

Emma swinging with Cole

Aunt Judy showing Cole some fun things at the playground

Aunt Judy playing horsey

After our time in Milwaukee, we drove to Green Bay to visit some of Nick's family. We stayed with his grandma and grandpa and also got to see his other grandpa Bob, Norma, Uncle Rob and Aunt Kae, Jake and Kerry and their 2 sets of twins and also Doug and Vickie, Brianne and her fiance Phil. We definitely did not go hungry staying with Grandma and Grandpa Seeman, she sure cooked some great food and we also enjoyed playing cards with them. Unfortunately, the boys beat the girls at all the games...ugh!
When we got to Grandma and Grandpa Seeman's, we had a little surprise for Grandpa. Judy had made a shirt for Cole and one for Grandpa to match.
Both shirts have a picture of Cole with a massive amount of poo on his back and it says, "Just like Great G'pa Ed". ha! We all got a kick out of it!!Great Grandma Betty really enjoyed playing with Cole. The first morning we were there, Cole had a really rough night so Nick and I were extremely tired!! She came in around 7:00 am and took Cole and we got to sleep till close to 10:00!! It felt so great! Cole had so many new things to look at and had so much fun with them.

I think Nick's favorite hamburger by far is from Krolls. It is a restaurant that is right across the street from Lambeau Field (where the Packers play). Nick talks about this place all the time and he was so excited to go. I think what makes the burgers so good is that they put a glob of butter inside.

Like I said earlier, Krolls is right across the street from Lambeau Field, so we thought it was only appropriate for Cole to wear his Vikings gear right in front of the stadium! ha! All our Green Bay relatives were pretty disgusted with us, but we got a kick out of it.

This is our little family getting ready to leave Wisconsin. Cole was zonked out....
We had so much fun, thanks to all our family who housed and fed us, we truly appreciate seeing everyone!!! Can't wait for next summer!!!

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