Saturday, September 19, 2009

First Tooth

Cole has officially gotten his first tooth. He seems kind of old to finally be getting his first one, but oh well! He sure was a bear while it was cutting through, very clingy and needy so hopefully that is all over, although it was kind of cute watching him be all clingy to me because normally he isn't. He also has been super cuddly lately and I'm LOVING it!! Here is a picture that sort of shows his first tooth, it's on the bottom. Ok, nevermind, I realize the picture is a little too small, but I promise, the tooth is there!

Here is a picture of Cole pulling up, he just started that this past week. He'll get up onto his knees. Don't mind that fact that he's clawing at my chest...haha!!!

We also are having a lot of fun watching Cole try to scoot around. He's trying real hard to crawl, but he won't get up on all fours, so for now we are just doing the army crawl. He sure is good at going in circles but doesn't move forward too fast yet. Here is a video of him scooting around.
ALSO, I would like everyone to notice Cole's father sleeping in the background on the couch....yes, he was sleeping like that! ha!!!

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Joe, Jenn, and Nathan said...

cole is really cute, but nick is pretty funny in the background, too! i bet he has no idea that you posted this video?!