Thursday, September 17, 2009


This is mainly for the grandparents that are miles away from Cole right now and love seeing the videos. Now don't get mad but there is one video on here that is actually very sad but very funny at the same'll see....

This is Cole SO excited to go take a bath!! He cracks me up! As soon as you take his clothes off and walk to the bathroom, he just starts screaming! I also love how Roxy is just looking at him like..."what the heck is he doing!?!".

Ok, this is the mean one....this is what his horrible parents do to him while in the bath. Trust me, I felt horrible, but once he stopped crying and knew he was ok, we had to laugh. I can hear the lectures coming from the Grandma's already!!!

I can't believe I'm posting this one, he will KILL me when he's older but it's hilarious right now.
EDIT**** So apparently nobody could tell, but if you listen closely you can hear me say "this is Cole trying to poooo"...:) ha!

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Emily and Blake... but mostly Emily said...

I laughed at the second video, too :) Such a bad aunt.