Thursday, September 3, 2009

Crazy Sleeper

Cole cracks me up....first off, he is so easy to put down to bed. All we have to do is feed him then lay him down and he'll roll around for awhile, do a few 360's, then finally crash and he never cries. We have a video monitor and it's entertaining sometimes to just watch him. A couple nights ago I looked on the monitor and I see his giant head right in front of the camera and I just laughed, and I wondered to myself how he was even in that position. Nick and I went into his room to see what was going on and poor thing fell asleep in this position....hahaha!!!
You can't really tell from this picture, but when you look on the video monitor, literally all you could see was his face. Sweet boy!!
He's still doing pretty good with the sleeping through the night thing, he hasn't quite been making it to 7:00 every morning, 4:30 one morning, 5:30 the other...but he will go right back to sleep after I feed him a bit and usually I can do that half-asleep! :)

This weekend I have a 3-day weekend and Nick has a 4-day weekend. I'm so excited!!! We have 2 birthday parties, one swim get-together and also having friends to our house...whewww, so much to pile into one weekend.

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