Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I don't like this crabbiness!!!!

I don't know if it's just coincidence or what but ever since I've been back at work and taking Cole to the sitter, he comes home SO crabby!!! He hardly lets me put him down and just wants to be held all night. He does not act like this on the weekends when we are with him all day, it's just during the week. Teresa, our babysitter, says that he's totally happy during the day and just plays and plays. I think our son is telling me that he wants me home with him!!!!! ha!

Does anyone else have this problem??

It could also be that he's got some major teething going on too...he FINALLY cut his first tooth last weekend and has been pretty bothered by it. The other night when I put him to bed, he just cried and cried and he hasn't cried while putting him to bed in months so I knew something was wrong. We gave him some tylenol, baby oragel and then Nick rocked with him till he fell asleep. He just needed a little lovin....:-)
He has still been sleeping fine, he's woken up a couple times in the middle of the night, but has mostly been sleeping through the night. However, last night I woke up around 2:30 to him just playing in his crib and talking to himself, it was quite funny. I think he played for almost an hour, didn't keep me from sleeping though!!! Unless he's crying, I can pretty much sleep through whatever.
Let's just hope this crabby spell goes away quickly, I hate it and it makes me sad that he typically is the happiest baby and with me being gone during the days is making him Mr. Poopy pants.


tracyseeman said...

I will go buy a lotto tkt now...if I win, you will be the first one I call so you can start staying home tomorrow :) He got his first tooth! His smile is just going to get better with teeth...MIL

The Adams said...

YES, we have this same problem! I do think Canon becomes very clingy when he is teething too. Hope it gets better. I am still waiting. :)