Thursday, November 12, 2009

9 Month Appointment

Cole finally had his 9 month well check this morning and besides the fact that he was super tired, cranky and pretty much cried his way through the appointment......he's great! ha! (note to time schedule his appointment for AFTER his morning nap!).
He's still a chunky monkey, but has definitely slowed down. Here are his stats:
Weight: 25lbs - 91%
Height: 30 in - 94%
Head: Don't remember, but it's in the 86%

He has not gained any weight since his 6 month appointment but that's totally normal now that he's crawling and moving around so much more.

We asked her about the whole dairy thing....since he seemed to be bothered by the dairy last time we tried it, she said that we can try some cheese, but when it comes to getting him only regular "milk", she suggests we do rice milk. She's not a huge fan of cow's milk to begin with so she thinks rice milk is the way to go. Then, once he's closer to 18 months and he can have nuts, she wants us to try almond milk!!! Whaaaa!!! I've never even heard of almond milk. But, we'll do what the doctor says and I'm sure he'll love anything we give him.
He got his one shot this month and the doctor said that for most of his appointments, we can just do one shot at a time. We talked about giving him his polio shot also today but after talking with the doctor we decided against it for a couple reasons. One, there are no cases of polio in the U.S right now and he has already had the first round of polio so he's 90% protected and two, he was already crabby to begin with so why make him more mad with a second shot!?! haha! So he has one band-aid today instead of two.
We get to try some more foods now....cheeses, black beans, fun stuff like that. However, she said we should still be doing pureed foods for a couple more months till he gets faster with the finger foods. Gosh, otherwise we'd be sitting at the table for 2 hours to try to get him to eat enough food!
I love the look on his face in the picture....he sure loves his walks, I think we go on a walk every evening and he loves to just look around at everything. However, last night he fell asleep on our walk and when I took him into the house, he just slept on my shoulder and snuggled with me for was so great because it's hard to get that snuggle time now that he's on the move so much more. So, I'll take advantage of it when I can!
Oh, and update on Stellan....they did one last procedure on him this morning, basically they tried to get his heart into the irregular, high rates (to make sure what they did on Monday truly did work) and after trying many many times, they could not get his heart rate to go back into everything was a success, he's completely SVT free. Wow!!! My mother-in-law said that they have been on the news quite a bit up in the Minneapolis area (that is where they are from) so she has been able to follow his story through that as well. Pretty amazing!!
Again, if you want to read some of her blog, here is the link.

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Theresa said...

What a growing boy! And such a sweet smile with that tooth :) Can't wait to see all the new things he can do for myself. See you soon; I bet you can't wait! MIL