Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mr. Spider - Man

We had a pretty fun first Halloween with Cole. Here he is dressed up like a spider, isn't he the cutest?? He looks totally thrilled to be here huh?

This video is us getting ready for Halloween. Cole is crawling along, showing off his new outfit, when he has to pause to take care of some business....ha!

We went with Ryan and Casey to Prestonwood Baptist Church because they have a HUGE Fall Festival and it's pretty amazing what they put on for the kiddos. Obviously we couldn't do a whole lot because Cole is a little young to be doing fun things. Next year....
We ran into quite a few friends at the Fall Festival and it's so fun seeing all the little kids dressed up. Parents sure are creative these days!
Here is a picture of me and Cole....

Ahhhh!!!! Nick and Ryan, you guys are just precious pushing those cute strollers around!

Here is Cole and Lexie...she was trying to get Cole to look at the camera, but then she wasn't even looking...ha!
We had a great Halloween, next year will be even more fun when Cole can walk and participate in more of the activities! Hope everyone else had fun Fall festivities!

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