Sunday, November 8, 2009

Snoop Dog and the Park...and Walmart bathrooms

What does this post have anything to do with Snoop Dogg??? Well, as I sit here typing this up, my hubby is off with his buddies enjoying the Snoop Dogg concert. This isn't his first time going to his concert, I think it's his 4th or 5th time. What a groupie!
So because Nick was leaving us tonight, we made him go to the park with us this afternoon. The weather here has been perfect so we thought we'd go out and enjoy it. He's finally big enough to put in the swing, but he doesn't seem to really know what's going on yet so he seemed kind of bored with it. Oh well, in time!
I've posted about this before, but literally, Cole has been so "fun" to feed lately. It has gotten to be so challenging that seriously, Nick and I pretty much do paper-rock-scissors to see who gets to feed him. We always end up having to strip him out of his clothes because they are caked with food and as you can see in this first picture, he gets the food all over his hair. Sometimes there are minuses to having lots of hair! Even though he's a complete mess, he sure is a cute mess!!!
(Can you see the food in the hair??)


We had a pretty laid back weekend which was nice. We got a lot of cleaning done. We had to do a real deep clean because Cole is all over the place now and why is it that babies can find the smallest morsels and pick it up and eat it?? So we thought we should get a good cleaning in so he's not filthy after crawling around the house :)
Sunday morning was pretty eventful...we get everything ready to head out to church (We haven't been in a couple weeks, mind you). We are in the car and shoot! I realize I forgot to bring a bottle and he needs one b/c he'll be hungry in the middle of service. We are too far to go back home so we have to stop at Walmart. I buy a bottle, bottle washer and some dish soap. I head into the Walmart bathroom which if you can imagine, isn't the cleanest bathroom out there. I sort of clean this bottle and off to church we go. We get to church, Nick drops me off so I can re-rinse the bottle since it still smells like dish soap then he was going to bring Cole in with him. We walk in, only to realize they changed service times....grrrr!!!! So what do we do??? We go to Dunkin Donuts and hide our frustrations with donuts! :) What good parents we are! It's funny how much more interesting our lives are with a baby!

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