Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving in Colorado

Cole and I flew to Colorado for Thanksgiving. Unfortunetely Nick stayed home and we are missing him SO much this week!!! This trip would be even better if he was least we'll be together for Christmas. I was a little nervous about flying with a nearly 10 month old by myself but he did really good. The poor gentleman that sat next to us was surrounded by babies and kids, but he was a good sport. Cole talked to him and even tried to play on his laptop. ha!
We have pretty much been laying low, just spending time with Grandpa and Grammy and Uncle Ross, Uncle Ryan and Aunt Rachel. However, first item on our agenda....haircut!!!!!

This is the before shot. His bangs were literally hanging in his eyes, hair over the ears, it was just a flat out mess! While Cole played with some toys after dinner, Grammy started cutting away and it looks great!

This is the we can actually see his eyes!
Cole has been having so fun and just playing and playing. My parents pulled out all my old toys and he's enjoying playing with new "old" stuff. We have also had to do a quick baby-proofing of the house but I guess my parents will have to get used to that since there will be a new grand baby in the family come February.

Here is a picture of Cole after he passed out on the couch

Another picture of his new haircut....what a handsome boy!

Today my mom and I went over to some good friends house so Cole could play with Henry. It's also an excuse for us ladies to get together and catch up. Cole and Henry had a great time playing with all the toys. Henry is 4 months older and is walking, but as you can see in the pictures, Cole is significantly bigger than Henry!!! It was fun watching them play.

We will be heading back to Texas on Sunday morning and I'm sure we will be ready to see Dad by then! Let's just hope Cole does as well on the plane as he did on the way here! Oh, and can I just say I am LOVING the weather here!!! It's been amazing so far...if you like cold weather.

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