Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bound to happen sometime...

It's been 10 months and Cole has been absolutely sick-free, no fever, cold...nothing. Well, I guess it was bound to happen sometime. Cole got his first bug. He started getting congested before Thanksgiving and I think flying and being in a different climate (Colorado) did not make him get any better. I absolutely LOVE Colorado, but that dry air was killing us! Then a few days later he started getting a cough and the cough has just gotten worse and worse. Since it had been going on for quite awhile I decided to call our pediatrician and see what they say. I was a little reluctant to call at first because I know that they can't do much for babies under 1 year. I talked to the nurse and she actually recommended 2 homeopathic medicines. I had never heard of them before but these are what a lot of the holistic, homeopathic doctors recommend using. She told me to get Lithy Tree and Briar Rose. I guess it's actually good for anyone to use during the cold/flu season to boost your immune system and she recommended us using it before we travel since flying sometimes gets people sick. ALSO, it is something that is good to take before kids get vaccines to boost their immune systems because if kids are sick or their immune system is compromised and then they get vaccines, that is when they can have bad side effects.

I really appreciate these types of doctors that don't just push drugs on their patients because that is what the pharmaceutical companies tell them to prescribe. I know it does not benefit our doctor to recommend these remedies and not get any proceeds from prescribing drugs, so that shows that they really are doing what they think is best for our kids. Ok ok, I know all this stuff is a controversial, but it's my blog and I can write what I want! :-)

I ended up taking him into the doctor anyway because he was sounding very raspy and kind of weezy so she checked him for RSV and to make sure he wasn't contageous. He does not have RSV and he should be getting better in the next day or two. I think being back in our climate should help....but by the time he gets back to normal, it will be time for us to pack up and head off to Minnesota for Christmas. Whew....what a busy time of year!
I guess I can't complain about him being sick, I mean, it's definitely not fun...especially when he was waking up for several hours during the night, but going this long without being sick is pretty good right!?!

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The Miller Family said...

Yea for awesome doctors!!! :o) Hope Mr. Cole feels better soon!