Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A different kind of post....

Over the past week or so, I've had this family on my mind and yesterday proved to me what a great God we serve!!! I've read this ladies blog for such a long time, some of you may have heard of her...I mean, she has like 20,000 followers and is such an amazing woman of God. Her littliest guy Stellan has had heart troubles from the get-go and this past week he was in pretty rough shape. They flew to Boston to do a procedure to try to rid him of his irregular heart rhythms and yesterday she watched her little guy flat line right in front of her and lose blood pressure. They shocked him back to life, did the procedure and as MckMama says, it was a Home Run!!! The procedure was a complete success and they are looking at a little guy who should no longer have heart problems the rest of his life. He still has a lot of hurdles to jump, but in the big picture he should be fine. If you get a chance, go to her website and read a little bit of her blog, her pictures are amazing and she definitely tells you like it is and it's just amazing how she can capture your attention. It's such an awesome story, while she was pregnant, the doctors told her that Stellan would surely die (probably in utero) but they chose life and to give it over to God and look where he is now! Talk about faith!
Click here to view her page.....it's a pretty amazing blog, I encourage you to just read her last few posts!!!
I'm not the type of person that gets caught up in this whole Twitter thing, but literally yesterday, I sat with my phone just waiting for updates on little Stellan. It's amazing what technology can do these days!!! I felt like I was sitting right there with her, feeling her pain and sorrow. I've never even met this woman, but I guess as a mother you can feel that pain of possibly losing a child.
This typically isn't like me.....to be sharing my "feelings" like this, but yesterday I had such a heavy heart and when she posted that the surgery was a success and her little guy would live, it was such an amazing feeling!!! So many people were praying for Stellan yesterday and it shows what prayer can do!


The Haley's said...

I felt the same way! I check more than a few times yesterday to see if there were updates! I thought I felt so connected because we both had heart babies, but more likely it's just because we're both mothers.

The Miller Family said...

I did the same thing! What an amazing God we have! :o)