Thursday, January 21, 2010

Some new things....

Now that this cute face is close to a year and is SO close to walking....
...we finally decided to get him some real shoes. It bums me out so bad because we have had the cutest shoes given to us and Cole has not been able to fit in any of them!!! He has got the fattest and most wide foot and we couldn't stuff his foot in any of the cute shoes. It also doesn't help that he took after his father and curls his toes constantly which makes it doubly hard to get shoes on.
So....we made a trip to Stride Rite and got him fitted for his first pair of big boy shoes.

Here they are.....Size 5 and extra wide...that's my boy!!! :)

Wow Cole, how cute you look in those new shoes! It is pretty funny watching him tromp around in them. He's not used to wearing shoes so he is still a little clumsy in them. I wonder if he'll keep shoes on better than he keeps socks on...hmmmm

Ok, this picture I just couldn't resist. What a cute little rump....and do you see all the dimples? Here he is waiting for his bath to fill up. He loves to stand by the tub and help me put his toys in, he's such a good little helper!

If you look closely in this video, you can see what I mean about his fat feet, AND you can also see him curling his toes about halfway through. Funny!!

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andersons2002 said...

Love Cole's new shoes and those cute little buns!!!!
I can't believe he's almost one! It's crazy how much time flies.