Sunday, January 3, 2010's over!

Why is this cute baby all bundled up and ready for winter????
Probably because we just spent the last 12 days in Wisconsin and Minnesota and holy was COLD!!!!

This post is lengthy, so I'm going to split it up into 3 parts.....

Part 1: Christmas weekend in Rice Lake, WI.

We arrived in Rice Lake on Christmas Eve and spent the Christmas weekend with Mary and Don and their family. (This is Grandma Tracy's sister's family). It was so fun because as we were driving on Christmas Eve, the snow was falling and it was such a pretty snow fall. At this point it wasn't TOO cold, in the 30's maybe. We spent some good quality time with the Cuskey family and Cole got tons of presents! He got so many toys, and thank goodness because all the new toys kept him entertained while we were there.
Grandma Tracy showing Cole how to play the piano
Grandma was so anxious for Cole to open some of his presents, so here he is on Christmas Eve opening one of his presents.
Dad and Cole....ahhhh!!!

This picture cracks me up (and this is for you Grandma Betty!), Nick's grandparents sent Cole this cute bear for Christmas and as soon as he saw it, he gave it the biggest hug. So cute! He kept hugging it over and over.
Granddad showing Cole how to use his new airplane

Don and Mary had a firepit in their backyard and we spent part of the evening out there. (Yes, Cole was in bed at this point, I'm not that mean).
Nick and his Aunt Mary
Granddad and Grandma Seeman
Another present from Granddad and Grandma....a riding firetruck!!

Our time in Rice Lake went so fast, but we all had such a great time. Unfortunately, Cole did not sleep well the entire trip, he just does not like being away from his bed. To start off, he was getting 3 new teeth on top (yes, all at once) so those were bothering him so his sleep got interrupted from that, then the rest of the trip, he just wanted to sleep with mom and dad. Otherwise, he would wake up every 3 hours...ugh! So hopefully he will get back into his normal routine now that we are home.

Part 2: St. Paul and the Mall of America

After the Christmas weekend was over, we headed back to St. Paul and spent a few nights with Nick's parents at their condo. We obviously had to hit up the Mall of America since it's the greatest mall ever! We couldn't go too long because Mr. Cole got sleepy and this stroller is not the greatest to sleep in.
As you can see....Cole is so ecstatic to be at the Mall
Cole enjoying his lunch while at the Mall
Cole got this cute Viking outfit from Mary and Don so Nick wanted us to take a "Family Picture". Ok Nick....I'll put on this horrible purple sweatshirt of yours and take a picture...haha!!!
Me and Nick being silly

Part 3: Volk Wedding.....aka, the craziness begins!!!

My parents and brother Ross flew into St. Paul and they also spent a couple days hanging out with us and Nick's parents. Then, we went with my family to Elk River, MN to attend my cousins wedding. Now, my dad's side of the family is huge so when we all get together, it's pretty crazy! Just on my dad's side of the family, I have 38 cousins. We had a great time with all the wedding festivities and again, it was SO cold. Nick and I got into the car the night of the wedding and it was -18 degrees outside. Brrrrr!!!
This is Cole with Grandpa and Grammy Volk at my cousin Dana's rehearsal luncheon...he's being such a ham!
I love this picture of my dad and Cole, the both look like they are having so much fun.

Nick with my cousin Doug while at the wedding
Nick's parents were so generous that they came all the way out to Elk River and watched Cole while we stayed at the wedding. Cole came with us for most of it, but after dinner, I think both Nick and I were ready to have some fun. So, we took Cole back to the hotel and Nick's parents watched him the rest of the evening. We sure had a great time at the reception, there was lots of dancing, laughing and just being crazy. Cole with my little cousin Lauren at the wedding dinner

Let me explain the next couple pictures.....I have a crazy cousin named Garett. He's a little strange and can tell by the pictures. He's always been crazy, but this was the first that I have seen him wear such a large amount of facial hair.

Rubbin the belly

While everyone was down eating breakfast at the hotel, Garrett decided to join us while wearing these awesome pajamas. Oh goodness.....he even had a butt flap in the back!

We flew home this morning, giving me most of the day to get things situated and organized, but I HATE going back to school the day after getting home. I wish so bad I could have one more day. As much fun as we had, we are glad to be home and be in our own beds. I know Cole is very excited about being back in his bed. Next thing on the agenda....start planning Cole's 1st birthday party!!!

This is a video we took this afternoon while Cole was eating lunch.....such a happy baby!


Stacey said...

I want to meet Cousin Garrett!!!

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Cute pictures!

Lora B. said...

Oh - that video just made my day!! Please give him a big wet smacky kiss from the Bares!!
Love Ya!!!
Lora and Crew