Friday, January 29, 2010

A Year ago today...continued

So there I am, all drugged, drowsy and feeling good when the doctor tells me that I am now half way there. What!?! It hasn't even been painful yet. I guess that is the good thing about sleeping aids, is that it numbs your body, ha! Don't get me wrong, I could feel the contractions, they were just about getting to the point where I couldn't talk through them. They weren't all that painful, just took my breath away.
This is about how I was feeling before the epidural...not too bad
I then asked if I could go ahead and just get my epidural, Nick left because he's a wussy :) and they came it, shot me up and next thing I know.....I'm feeling like this.....AHHHHH!!!!!

Pain free and listening to some tunes
I am then told that I am completely dilated, except one thing....Cole was upside down. Um ok, they could have told me he was coming out with two heads, I didn't care at that point. They informed me that I COULD get him out, it would just be harder. Heck, I was up for it. BUT, my doctor had a great idea to put my body in some acrobatic position to try to get him to flip over. So, with one leg practically over my head (ha, not really), I laid there for another hour and next thing we know, he flipped the right way and we were ready to go. My doctor is so smart! :)
Without going into too much hour and a half later...Mr. Cole was born. 8:57am weighing 7lb 6oz.
Does anyone remember that scene from Men in Black when Will Smith is helping that lady deliver her baby in the car and the baby comes out as an octopus with all those tentacles?? That's what I swore came out of me when he came out...ha! Gross??

And here is a beautiful picture of me and Cole....yep, I'm still all drugged up and feeling good. Can't you tell by my eyes!!! Sheesh!And that's Cole's birthday story....couldn't have been a better experience and it truly has been the best year of our lives! We are so blessed to have such a sweet boy. We love you Cole!


Auntie Rachel said...

I'm such a dork, I teared up when I read this...ummmm do you think I might be preggers or something??! The pictures are great, I don't know if I've ever seen all of them.


Joe, Jenn, and Nathan said...

Ha-I teared up, too! Maybe it is a Mommy thing. :) I hope you have fun at his birthday party! Miss you guys and Happy Birthday, Cole! (Did you get his gift and outfit??)

tracyseeman said...

Happy Birthday Cole...we love you and your parents. What a great year it has been watching you grow! Can't wait until your birthday party :))

Grandad and Gma