Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cole's first Par-tay!!

Warning: Mega overload of photos ahead!!!!

Saturday we had Cole's 1st birthday party at our house. My parents were nice enough to make the trip down here and I sure appreciated having them here. They were such a huge help! The party was a great success and we all had such a great time! We needed to make sure that Cole was nice and rested for his big day, so here he is with Grandpa, getting in a little nap before his guests arrived.
Here are a few pictures of the decorations, food and cakes.
I actually made this banner, who knew I had a little bit of creativeness in me! It turned out better than I thought it would and maybe we can use it for more than his 1st birthday.
Here is one of his birthday cakes. This is the cake that everyone ate. It was a marble cake and extremely yummy!
Here is Cole's smash cake. It was a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. He seemed to really enjoy it!! (Pictures to come)
Here is our kitchen table, we had drinks, snacks for the little kids, and a vase filled with M&M's with straws coming out of the vase for the root beer floats that we served.
Here is our dining room table with all the adult food. We served sloppy joes, a bean dish, queso, fruit, veggies, etc. My mom also got this nice flower arrangement made up for me.
Cole was having such a great time with all the kids and playing around, but then it was time for us to sing happy birthday and him to experience the greatness of cake! We took a few pictures before he got messy.
Here he is with both sets of grandparents

Our cute little family
We sang happy birthday and here is a little clip of his reaction. It was sorta like this...."why are all these people singing and looking at me AND taking so many pictures??".

He was not quite sure of the cake at first, probably because Nick took Cole's hand and dug it into the cake and pretty much tried to force-feed him...ha! Cole was not impressed. We were about to give up and get him out of his chair, but Nick tried one more time and finally got some in his mouth and he curled his nose up at first, but then once he realized that all this sugar tastes pretty good, he started to dig into the cake! He LOVED it!!!
Here is a video of him really enjoying the cake...we finally had to take it away from him because I didn't want him to get an upset tummy.

And here is what he looked like once he was done. Good thing the whole cake wasn't red, otherwise we would have been in big trouble!!
After a quick clothes change and some washing up, Cole opened up some of his presents and got some great stuff!!! He got all kinds of toys from a baseball set, his first tool kit, a tractor...all kinds of "boy" things.
Here is Cole and Kylynn playing with his tractor set. Kylynn is one of my friend Tracey's little girls and Kylynn also goes to the same sitter as Cole. Kylynn is such a little mother-hen, whenever I pick up Cole after school she comes up to him and says, "Bye Sugar". So cute!!
Some more present openings
The gift that we are most excited about is Cole's new wagon. Both sets of grandparents got this for Cole and I CANNOT wait for it to get warmer so we can go on wagon rides. I think he's starting to get a little bored with the stroller, so I hope he enjoys this. Our sitter takes the kids on wagon rides when it's nice outside, so he should be used to it.
I also think we got the Cadillac version of wagons, I mean, it has a canopy AND a cooler AND drink holders! What more do you need?
The cooler...crazy huh??
It truly was such a fun day and I am kind of sad it is over, but we have so much to look forward to. We are so blessed to have such a great kid who brings so much joy into our lives, we couldn't ask for anything better!


tracyseeman said...

You are the ultimate party planner! Grandad and I had such a great time with all of you :)) Thanks for including us in Cole's special day...Gma

The Haley's said...

What a great looking party! Everything looks so nice together! Great job! And you will all LOVE the wagon. We have a "very old, very well loved, on it's 5 & 6 children wagon" and we still love it. I do dream about canopy wagons with seats sometimes:)

Katy Fisher said...

So sorry we missed the party and the family in town!! Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!