Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Nick

Poor Nick, his birthday will forever be overshadowed by his son's. Hopefully he doesn't ever feel that his isn't AS important. We will be celebrating his birthday in a couple weeks with his family so that should be a good time. It's so funny how up until this year, all our birthdays consisted of going to a nice restaurant, pretty late a night, then maybe going out for a few drinks afterwards and then getting home late. When you have kids, the dynamics of "going out to dinner" change so much!!!
I told Nick that we can get a sitter and leave Cole at home so we can stay out later and not worry about him throwing food across the room, BUT, Nick wants Cole there, so it looks like we will be doing a 5:30 dinner and call it an early night...ha!

Nick truly has been the best dad anyone could ask for. He is such a big help with everything and he loves his son so much!

For Nick's birthday, I'm making a list of some of the things I love about him:
  • I love seeing Cole's face when Nick comes home from work and how he crawls at light speed to get to him.

  • Eventhough Cole is sitting at his feet, Nick always comes to me first and gives me a hug and kiss (ahhhh!!!) - even if I'm mad at him for getting home late :) ha!
  • If Cole ever wakes up in the middle of the night (Sunday night for instance), Nick will go in there without me even asking and rock with him. Poor Nick, he sat on the rocker for a couple hours so Cole would keep sleeping.

  • I love that 9 times out of 10 when Nick and Cole are hanging out and playing, it usually ends up with Nick singing "If you're Happy and you Know it" and Cole clapping along with him. Nick has turned into quite the singer and there is nothing better than listening to your husband sing to your child.

  • I love that Nick and I can sit down and watch a football game together and be totally content. I guess Nick lucked out and found himself a girl that loves sports! :) We both love to go to sporting events and would choose that for a date any day!
  • I also love how passionate he gets while watching his teams play. For example this picture. This is him realizing that his Vikings are about to lose to the Saints. Do you see the defeated look on his face?? Poor Nick.....also, does everyone see the Vikings flag that he hung up for the game? What a dork!!

  • Nick definitely keeps me grounded, even though I hate it at the time, he always says thing like, "are you sure you need to buy that", "do you really need to be talking bad about that person?" or "don't yell at Roxy, she just wants your attention".
  • I love that we can be silly together and act like kids...example below
  • Nick is also such a forgiving person and lets things roll off his back very quickly. The other night we had a little disagreement going on, we got mad, did the silent treatment and next thing I know he says, "I'm over it, are you?". We laugh at eachother for being dumb and go on our way and that's the end of it.
Most of all, I love Nick for being such a great husband and dad. He does such a great job of balancing me and Cole and there is nothing more I could ask for. I love nothing more than to see him interact with Cole and to sit back and be in disbelief that we are now parents and how our lives have changed so much in the 9 years we have been together.

Thank you Nick for being so good to us and for everything you have provided us with. We love you so much!!


The Miller Family said...

What a great idea and a sweet post! You guys are so blessed! :o) Happy Birthday to both of your boys!

Anonymous said...

Awww...I love Nick, too!!! :-)

(Haha...don't worry, not trying to steal your man. That was just really sweet. All couples should do that from time to time.)