Sunday, February 14, 2010

Birthdays....and lots of them!!!!

First off....I'M AN AUNTIE!!! I have been waiting so long to be an auntie and it's finally here! Little miss Cameron Brianne Volk was born Saturday February 13th. Ryan and Rachel sounded like they had such an awesome experience and are just tickled pink (literally) to now hold her in their arms. Rachel had such a textbook labor and delivery...although, I really do hate her because I think she pushed 5 times and she was out, but I am so happy that it was such a great experience, there truly is nothing like it! There is nothing more I could have wished for than to be there in Colorado, especially when they announced her name, but my mom was so good about giving me updates and letting me know what was going on.

Here are a few pictures of the happy parents...and these are courtesy of Ryan and Rachel's blog pictures....yes, I stole them :)
The beautiful new momma (how did she just have a baby, she looks so good!!!)

The proud dad....he is so in love with that little girl already!
Grammy and her granddaughter
Ryan, Ross and my dad....the only one missing is ME!!!! :)
I cannot wait to meet this little girl, if I could have, I would have flown out yesterday but I think I'm going to wait a couple weekends and luckily my good friend Sarah is needing to get rid of some buddy passes and is nice enough to get me on a flight home to see my niecey. Thanks Sarah Beth!!!

In other news....I have now had a 5-day weekend. We had a massive snow storm that started last Thursday early morning and our school district closed Thursday and Friday. Pretty much everything was closed down on Friday. Nick even worked from home...and that's huge! Nobody expected it to snow that much, but it literally snowed all day on Thursday and we got about a foot of snow....crazy!!! I have so enjoyed spending these last few days at home playing with my little man.
Our backyard....just a few inches into the storm
Cole watching the snow fall...we loved staying in our jammies!!!

Nick's mom called us Thursday night and told us her power had gone out, we told her to come on up but the roads were so bad that night that she braved the cold house for the one night. She and Dennis spent most of the weekend with us as their power was out for about 3 days..brrr!!! Dennis and Tracy definitely had fun playing with Cole....well, I don't know who had more fun, Cole or the grandparents. Cole absolutely loves having them around, they will just play with him for hours. I think he was bored with us once they left. :)

Here is Cole loving up on Max (Tracy's doggy) Cole loves to give hugs now

Friday night Nick and I went out to The Melting Pot with some friends and Tracy watched Cole. That was our Valentines dinner and we had so much fun!!! It sure was gooood!

Saturday night we were celebrating Nick and Emily's birthdays since we were all finally in town at the same time. Here is G'ma Tracy getting Cole into his cute outfit for dinner. Doesn't he look like such a little man?? Love it!Cole enjoying some Granddad time...He sat there for the longest time :)
Mom and Cole
Dad and Cole
For Nick's birthday present, we all went in on a "spa day" for him. Sounds fruity, I know!!! However, it was a man's spa, for men only. I think he really enjoyed it because he's been talking about getting a massage for the longest time. It was a 4-hour ordeal and he got a 90 min massage, hand and foot treatment and a 5- course hair treatment. We were giving him a hard time about his buffed nails and going to a spa...then at dinner he decides to order this drink...shown below. :) ha!! Just adding to the fruity-ness....Love you Nick!!!
Blake and Emily at dinner
Cole got this cute swim outfit and Blake wanted to model it for everyone...the hat's a little small there Blake!!!
We sure have had a great weekend and I even get one more day to enjoy it. We have Monday off for President's day so Cole and I are just going to relax and have fun at home. I wish I could have every Monday off!!!

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