Saturday, February 20, 2010

Officially a Walker

Cole has officially become a walker, and I swear it happened over night! He has been taking a few steps here and there for quite awhile, but he always preferred to was faster! Yesterday when I picked him up from Andy and Teresa's, they said he had been walking around ALL day and really long distances...from the picnic table to his kitchen set.
When we got home, he did, he just all of a sudden decided he didn't want to crawl, but walk.

Now that he is walking all over the place, he is doubly getting into everything!!! Even dad's wallet! Smart guy...he knows what all that green stuff is!!


Joe, Jenn, and Nathan said...

enjoy! i just found the remote after it being lost for 24 hours and me having to watch cartoons for that time! ha!harbu

The Adams said...

SO cute...what a fun stage!

The Bare Crew said...

Congrats!! Your house will never be the same!! (Bryce LOVES to see Cole's videos... He thinks he's SOOO cute!!)

Love Ya,