Thursday, February 18, 2010

Giggles and Bedtime

I just love tickling and making Cole laugh, especially while he is eating...probably because he can't go anywhere. Is that mean?? Here is a great picture of Cole laughing....while eating a banana...gross I know!

Here are a couple shots of Cole's teeth. He now has 6 teeth, 2 on the bottom and 4 on top. This picture shows his bottom teeth....looking like a little gopher.
This shows his top teeth pretty well. He seriously got all 4 of those teeth in at once....yeah he was a joy to be around that week!

Even though Cole hasn't always been the greatest sleeper during the night, he is the easiest baby to put to bed! I mean, literally, by 7:30...this is where he is (shown below). He even tries to climb out of mine or Nick's arms just to get into his crib. He LOVES his crib!
I love more than anything, giving him his last milk of the day and just rocking with him for awhile. His arms and legs don't ever stop moving till he finally drifts off to sleep. Even when his eyes are closed he still has his arms flapping away. He's a busy baby! I love to just sit there with him and watch him as he falls asleep.....but, oh wait....that doesn't last for long because there is Cole, reaching for his bed. Sheesh! I definitely can't complain because I'd rather that then us having to fight him to go to bed. He's such a good boy!
It's funny in the mornings (speaking of him loving his bed) because there is a window of the proper timing in getting Cole out of bed. He will usually wake up, fuss for a couple minutes, then he will just start singing, babbling and rolling around for a good....oh 20 minutes. THAT is not the time to get him out of bed!!!!! We have learned the hard way! If he's playing and happy, just leave him!!! Once he starts fussing the 2nd time, that is when it's safe to go get him. The one time we did get him while he was playing, he seriously barked at us all morning. I'm going to say he gets that from his dad...because I'm ALWAYS pleasant to be around...always!!!

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andersons2002 said...

Be sure to rock him as much as possible! Morgan was a great snuggler and Brady hates it!