Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weddings and babies

Nick, Cole and I headed out Friday morning for Colorado. My college friend Maegan was getting married and I had to fullfill my bridesmaid duties. It was a whirlwind of a weekend that started with us flying Southwest. We typically don't fly Southwest because there isn't a direct flight, but we just had to make a quick stop in Amarillo and then we'd be on our way. When we got to Amarillo, this is what the pilot says to everyone...."well folks, sorry for the delay, but there was a plane crash on this runway this week...blah blah....the runway is too icey...blah blah...." Basically, that is all I needed to hear to freak me out. Seriously, why do pilots tell the passengers this stuff? Anyway...after the runway gettting cleared off, we took off and everything was fine. As soon as we got to Denver, my dad picked us up...and I immediately had to meet Rachel and go to the bridal luncheon. We had a great time with all the girls. We also had the rehearsal and dinner that night.

The actual wedding was so beautiful, Maegan and everyone did such a great job decorating and planning everything. Rachel and I were on the go for 2 days straight and I was POOPED!!! How is it that a 9 month pregnant lady has more energy than me!?! Seriously....Rachel was such a trooper and did way more than we were expecting!

My parents were able to watch Cole while I had wedding stuff, I really didn't get to see him for 2 days, but I know he had a blast and my parents had so much fun with him. He did decide that he didn't want to take afternoon naps while he was there, guess there was just too much activity going on for him and he didn't want to miss out on anything. Cole also got haircut number 5...thanks Grammy!!! I, of course, wanted to keep his hair longer, but as my mom was just going to "trim" his hair, she kepts hearing from my dad...."shorter, shorter"...ha! It sure looks cute though! Here are a few pictures...and does anyone see a theme to these pictures?? Cole's new thing is to carry everything around in his mouth now, Nice!!!!

We were all T-I-R-E-D when we got back into town Monday. I took a nap which I never do and Cole slept for 12 hours and I even had to wake him up, he was tuckered out. He was so excited to go to Andy and Teresa's this morning. They opened the door and immediately reached for Teresa and was just squirming to get down and play. I am so thankful that he loves his sitters and doesn't cry when I drop him off!
Here is me and Nick being our normal cool selves at the reception

I know I look really creepy in this picture, but we were laughing b/c this is one of the flower girls slips and it was so small so we were joking that it could have been a garter.
The beautiful bride

Speaking of babies....Rachel is due next weekend and I am SO excited to finally be an auntie! I wish so bad I could be there, I just can't wait to meet my little niece. Isn't Rachel such a pretty pregnant lady? She sure doesn't look or act like she is due any day! I was going to try to slip some castor oil in her drink while I was home so she would have her while I was there, but I figure we should probably let her cook as long as possible.

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Him and Her said...

uh yes, Rachel is so beautiful! I commented on her blog that i hope you will be updaing FB when she goes into labor!