Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Babysitting, family and Jovi

Friday night, Nick and I babysat Lexie while Casey went to a Women's retreat. Cole always loves playing with Lexie, even though she is 3.5. Lexie and Cole did manage to pull out ALL the toys from the toy chest. It was just so fun watching Cole follow Lexie around and giggle at everything she did. However, knowing my mom and brother were coming into town early the next morning, I didn't get a lot of cleaning done with the kiddos playing...probably b/c Lexie kept wanting me to get in the big school bus with them and they both thought that was the funniest thing. :) Sweet kids :)

Saturday morning Ross and my mom flew into town and will be here for over a week. It sure is nice having them around, and I think they are having fun watching Cole while I'm at school. Saturday night we wanted to try out a new sushi restaurant in Frisco Square. After dinner we let Cole play around the fountain and just run around to burn some energy.

He found a couple girlfriends along the way.....twins! :) ha!

Uncle Ross and Grammy walking around with Cole...it was pretty windy if you can't tell by Cole's crazy hair!

Getting ready to jump in

Starting to wonder about this gravel stuff....can I put it in my mouth???

Ahhhh...more sand and gravel! Yeah, typical boy....

Mom and Cole....he was not as excited as I was obviously :)

Sunday night was our Bon Jovi concert! We had been looking forward to this for a long time and were so excited! Tracy outdid herself with the seats she got us too! When the 4 of us got to our seats, we couldn't believe how close we were. This picture below shows about how close we were.

Picture of Jon from the screen...nice close-up!

Jon singing "Bed of Roses"....my fav!!!

Jon and Richie finishing up the concert with "Wanted Dead or Alive"

The bad at the end of the concert...sorry for the random hand at the bottom of the picture :)
Looking forward to my dad getting here on Thursday, he'll be so excited to see Cole! It really has been great having the family here, my mom goes crazy with all her cooking and cleaning. Came home to a spotless fridge yesterday and laundry done. She's probably horrified with the condition of our house..ha! My brother Ross is going to go to school with me for a little while one day, he wants to see my school and probably just get out of the house for awhile. Unfortunately (well, not for me) my classes are super good this semester and are so quiet, so Ross might be a little bit bored. Oh well, maybe he'll learn a few things in Access as that's what I'm teaching right now.


Lor said...

Oh Annie... wait 'til he figures out that bugs and worms live under rocks.. Then you get bugs and worms in pockets and in buckets (and hopefully not your Tuppeware!) and on your counter tops and in the bathtub... Boys are so fun??

Bryce once exclaimed from the bathtub at the age of about 18 months.. "Mamma, my pets!!" My reply, "What pets?". His reply, "My pet worms, in my pockets!". I then reached into his pocket to find it full of earthworms. Yes, boys are fun!!!

Say Hi to your Mom, Dad and Ross for me!!

Rachel said...

WOW you did have great seats at Bon Jovi! That's awesome. I love that Ross is going to school with you. I'm thinking he should video tape so we can all see what Mrs. Seeman's classroom is like! HA