Sunday, April 4, 2010


What a much packed into 4 days and we are pooped!! Nick's Uncle Don, Aunt Mary and their two kids came down from Wisconsin to spend Easter weekend with us. It all started on Thursday night, we were all meeting up for Mexican food since the Cuskey's don't get to experience the goodness of Tex-Mex!! When I went to pick up Cole from the sitter on Thursday, they informed me that he had not taken his afternoon nap. Speaking of that....Cole is sort of in between the 1 and 2 naps a day. 2 is a little too much and 1 is not enough. I told Theresa (our sitter) that when she has that figured out to let me know...ha! So, as soon as I got Cole in the car, he fell asleep and when I got home, I just decided to put him in the stroller and take a walk so he could continue to sleep before meeting everyone for dinner. He was still sleeping when we got home and I had to get ready, so I'm sure I did what every mom would do....roll that stroller in the house and let him sleep. :)
We finally made it to dinner and had a great time. Funny Uncle Don walked into the restaurant, he announced that "It's my birthday!". Ok, it really wasn't, but you have to know Uncle Don to know that he always does stuff like this. So what happens??? The server brought him a birthday sopapilla and sang Happy Birthday to him.

Auntie Em and Cole at dinner
Friday morning, I met my friend Teri and her little girl Kayla and we went to Canton. It's basically the biggest flea market I have ever seen and obviously great shopping. We packed up the kiddos and had a good time. Luckily we left there right as the rain storm came in! At one point Teri and I were running to shelter...good thing we both have our BOB strollers!!

Here is Kayla and Cole gearing up for the shopping!
After Teri and I got back to Dallas, Nick's family was at the Galleria so I met up with them for a little bit. Cole got to watch the ice skaters and we walked around the mall for awhile.

Here is a picture of Cole rocking with Scout and reading his book
Saturday everyone went to Top Golf and hit some golf balls and then everyone came to our house for burgers and brats.
Here is a picture of Aunt Mimi giving Cole his bedtime bottle

Easter morning everyone went to church and then to the Gaylord Texan for a wonderful brunch. This brunch is seriously the greatest thing ever! It's an all-you-can-eat buffet but is seriously the best food!! They also had a little Easter egg hunt set up for the kids and places to take pictures.

Here is Cole playing with his Easter eggs he found.

Ahhhh...Cole with his Easter bunny ears

And Dad with his Easter bunny ears......

Yes, and me with my Easter bunny ears

Here is the whole Seeman clan on Easter Sunday

Our cute family of 3.....too bad Cole was super tired and NOT wanting to take pictures at this point!

And me and my cute hubby, he's the best!
Granddad and Gramma....I mean, the Easter bunny got Cole some fun treats in his Easter basket and one of the toys were those crayons that you can use in the bathtub. Cole LOVED playing with them but boy was it messy!!! This probably isn't something we'll use every bath time as it was pretty messy to clean up, but it was so fun to watch him write all over the white tub and tile!

Look!!! Cole already knows how to write his name, I think we have a genius on our hands..ha!
The only bad thing about Easter break being over, is that we go 8 straight weeks of school with no breaks. I know....those of you in the corporate world who don't really get breaks are probably rolling your eyes right now, but 8 straight weeks of high school kids get to be LONG sometimes!! I love my job, but they still get annoying. :)
We do have a few things to look forward to.....Bon Jovi concert next weekend and then my parents and brother Ross are going to come for long visit. I cannot wait to see them and spend time with them. I sure miss my family on holidays, but I know we will see them soon.
Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday!!!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing you soon. I hope it works out with getting flights arranged through Sarah Beth. Enjoyed your blog with all the cule pictures and commentary! Love, Mommma

Sherry said...

I have the double orange BOB stroller too. Totally LOVE it and don't know what I would do without it! The girls were about 2 weeks old when I took them for their first walk in it.