Monday, April 26, 2010

Please don't turn us into CPS!!

Nick was in Arkansas this past weekend doing some fishing with our friend CBell, so Cole and I got to hang out just the two of us. We really had so much fun as he's at the stage where he wants to just get down on the ground and roll around and wrestle. Saturday mid morning we went to the park and I walked around the park for almost an hour while he took a little nap, then when he woke up he played on the swings, slides, etc.
Speaking of the park, I swear I saw the most random, funny things this weekend, two of them happened at the park while we were there. First, I was walking around the park and a gentleman (who looked like a pretty serious runner) ran past me and he was not wearing any shoes. Thought that was interesting. Then, there was another mom there with her 3 boys and the youngest (probably 2) was running and then fell face first in a mud puddle. So, this poor mom is trying to get her kids in the car and in the middle of doing that and loading toys, the little boy who is covered in mud decides to strip naked right there in the middle of the park! Yep, totally stark naked! ha!! Then, yesterday when I was driving down a pretty major street, I saw an older gentleman doing pushups on the side of the road...hmmmmm

Anyway, here are a couple pictures of Cole on Saturday while eating breakfast
" are soooo funny!"

"Look, I can stick mine out too!"
Just this weekend, Cole started saying "No No". It was pretty funny because I was telling Cole "no no, get off the fireplace" then he repeated me. It's funny now, but probably won't be in a few weeks when he's saying it all the time. Also, Cole just started giving kisses, open-mouth kisses, but they still are so sweet!!

Saturday evening Blake and Emily had their crawfish boil so Cole and I went over there for awhile. It was great seeing everyone and catching up with friends I hadn't seen in forever. Cole had a lot of fun and was so obsessed with opening and closing doors.
Thanks Granddad for helping me reach the doorknob!
The rest of the evening, Cole was entertained by the dog cage. This is why I'm hoping someone doesn't call CPS on us...haha! He thought it was so funny, mostly because he could open and close the door. He would climb in and out, about a thousand times. :)

Even though Cole and I enjoyed our mommy-son time, we sure missed dad and were glad to have him home!
Some other exciting news....I'm about 92.5% sure that I will be able to teach only part-time next year. They were having to make some changes to our business department at my school and I asked about possibly only working half the day and they seemed to really like that idea, so hopefully I will find out for sure in a week or so. I'm so excited about that, but now I'm really starting to stress about childcare. Our current sitter is THE BEST and can't imagine using someone else. They are a retired couple who do it in their home and are so good and Cole absolutely loves it there....he even fusses when I have to bring him home because he loves his friends there. They are pretty much like another set of grandparents to Cole. However, they have a loooong waiting list and they obviously want full-time kids vs. part-time. I'm trying to think of other options....Mother's Day Out programs, other in-home sitters, but I just get so sad thinking that he won't be with Any and Theresa because we are all so comfortable there. excited as I am to only work part time, I get sad for Cole that he won't be with them. Maybe he can go once a week to catch up, who knows. Andy and Theresa just fell in our laps perfectly when I went back to work and we couldn't ask for any better, so not knowing what's going to happen next Fall is driving me crazy!!! to do my P90X.....I'm totally LOVING this workout program! :)

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