Sunday, May 2, 2010

15 Months!

Cole is 15 Months...well, 3 days ago!!
I haven't really done much of an update on him lately so here are a few new things that he's been up to.
  • Some words that he is now saying are: Mama, dada, hi, die :), peek-a-boo, uh oh, duck,
  • He blows kisses along with giving regular kisses...AND, they are closed-mouth kisses :)
  • He puts his finger to his mouth and says, "Shhhhh", usually when the puppies start barking
  • He is wearing size 4 diaper, 5 night diaper
  • Wearing 24 month clothes. I actually just bought him 2T shorts today...sheesh!
  • I'm guessing he weighs about 28lbs, he goes for his 15 month appointment on Tuesday so I'll find out for sure then
  • He has turned into the BEST napper and sleeper! The first year of his life I never would have guessed that but he is so good now! I have never seen a kid that loves his bed as much as him. He definitely lets us know when he wants to go to bed and will just talk and play in his bed for the longest time. If he ever wakes up crying we know there is something wrong!
  • He is almost transitioned into 1 nap a day. He usually goes down around 12:30 and will sleep for a good 2-3 hours.
  • He has really gotten attached to his "lovey" know those little stuffed animal with the blanket attached? Loves them! However, we have to wash them quite often because he likes to suck on the nose and arms of the bear and they tend to turn brown. :)
  • He also likes to have about 5 stuffed animals and tons of blankets in his bed with him
  • He actually had his first experience with ice cream today....wasn't too impressed. He must get that from his mommy. I had a couple bites and just couldn't do it, had to give the rest to Nick....ick! I know most of you women out there are thinking I'm CRAZY!
  • He loves to read his books. He will go in his room, pull all the books off his shelf and read all of them.
  • He has learned to "wink" at people...especially cute girls. Today we were out for lunch with Ryan, Casey and Lexie and all of a sudden Casey says, "Is Cole winking at me?"....haha!!! I will wink at him a lot and I guess he has picked up on that.
  • His favorite toy is his giant school bus. He loves getting in there because it's like a tent and we play peek-a-boo in there.
  • He has been such a cuddler lately. He loves to tackle you if you are on the floor and then gives the biggest hugs.
  • He also loves to give Roxy hugs. He would love to give Benson hugs but Benson runs away before Cole can catch him
  • He has gotten real good at saying "no-no" to us...ha!
  • He truly is the sweetest boy and we are amazed at the new stuff he does and amazed at how blessed we are to have the best son. :) We love you Cole!
Here is a cute video of Cole getting a big kick out of falling off the couch. Silly kid! Oh, and sorry if you are blinded by my pastey white legs! :)

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