Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sneaky Sneaky

Cole has gotten really good at opening doors lately. He's gotten especially good at opening the pantry door. He loves to go in there and get his goldfish or "cookies" and take them into the dining room so I won't find him and take them away. Little does he know that I'm on to his secret, he thinks he's sneaky. :) He'll always go behind the table and dig into the box of food.

"Hey Cole....I can see you bud going for those cookies"

Another close-up

Yesterday he even got the oatmeal out and took that into the dining room. He wasn't as impressed with the oatmeal because it was sealed shut still and couldn't get into it. What a bummer! I guess we'll save that for breakfast on Saturday morning.

Because Cole has gotten so good at opening doors, this is the reason we got these......
We aren't too excited about having these on our doors because they are THE biggest pain in the rear, but we definitely need to have one on the front door. We finally just got used to having those annoying clip things on our cabinets and now we add this to the baby-proofing...oh joy!!

This week we have been dog sitting for Max. Max is Grandma Tracy's dog and he's hanging out with us for awhile. He's so easy to have around and Benson and Roxy have grown up with him since they were all puppies, so they all get along great! Max is such a cuddler...ahhh!!

Here's just a cute picture from this morning...he likes to have his feet out of his PJ's and just have the arms in, kinda like a cape. Typical boy, I know. Except this morning he was trying to get his arms out, got stuck and fell head first into the tile floor, giving himself a nice little bruise on his cheek. Oops!

This video is so funny because Cole is starting to do some animal sounds. Mostly just saying "mooo". Today when I went to pick him up from Andy and Teresa's, they said he had been saying "Te-sa" all day. Needless to say, that obviously warms Teresa's heart. Cole absolutely loves her! Every morning, Cole walks up to their house and he walks straight to Teresa, wants her to pick him up then will just cuddle with her. She loves it because most of the kids are just so busy to stop and cuddle. :) Cole sure is a cuddle bug and he for sure DOES NOT get that from me. However, I do like to cuddle with Cole....haha, sorry Nick! At least you have Max :)
There is one little boy named Bradley at Andy and Teresa's and he is so funny because every morning, his mom drives up to the house, Bradly (who is probably 2.5) gets out of the car and yells at his mom, "Mom, stay in the car...bye!" It is hilarious...I can totally see Cole doing that soon.

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