Tuesday, May 4, 2010

15 Month Appointment

Today I took Cole to his 15 month well-check. He is pretty much right on track with everything and Dr. Bain is very pleased with his accomplishments. When we were sitting in the room talking, Cole was just sitting on my lap being such a good boy and Dr. Bain says, "is he always this good and cooperative?". Ha! Well, he is pretty good most of the time but can also be a little maniac at times. He totally takes after Nick in the fact that they are both very observant people who like to just sit back and watch and take everything in. Cole...and Nick don't have to be the life of the party or the loudest ones, they just like to watch.
He did get one shot (and didn't even cry!) but shouldn't be due to get another one for a long time. Because of his reaction to eggs, we for sure will hold off on the MMR for a few more years or even till he goes to kindergarten...which I wanted to do anyway. He also won't get the flu shot because of the egg allergy. I didn't plan on giving him a flu shot anyway, but that's crazy to me that eggs and some vaccines are related! She said that in about 6 months we can try the egg again and see if he has a reaction. Usually they grow out of it but sometimes it just takes longer.

Here are his stats...and yes he's still a big dude!!!!
Weight: 27.5lbs - 82%
Height: 32.5 inches - 83%
Head: 19.5 inches - 96% - I keep asking the doctor if it's ok that his head is this big (haha) and she said absolutely since the rest of his body is so big. :)

Overall....great appointment and we couldn't be happier.

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