Friday, May 7, 2010

My 1st...2nd Mother's day gift....with me?

It's funny how when you become a mother, your very first Mother's Day is such a special day and weird at the same time to be celebrating something that you've never celebrated before. It is quite special to be called a....Mother.
That being said, I received my first 2nd Mother's Day gifts today. The roses were sent to my school today from "Cole". It's so funny because 3 other women in my department had nice flowers sitting on their desks and I was sort of bumming that I didn't have any. Next thing I know, here come my flowers! Thanks Cole! :)
Cole also potted a plant for me today (haha) at Andy and Teresa's. They had all the kids give their mommies a flower and signed cards.

Here is Cole with the flowers he got me along with him holding the card he signed

Here is a better look at the inside....ha! Teresa said he didn't want to get his hands dirty with the crayons, so he just made a quick scribble.

Here is the little plant he put together for me at Andy and Teresa's. Oh, and yes I have a picture in the background that isn't really Cole....yes I'm lazy and haven't put a picture in it yet, don't judge me! :)
Here are some other random pictures from last weekend.
We met up with Nick's family at Village Burger Bar. It was so funny because their was a kid that kept going outside and was getting crazy with his dance moves! Hilarious! Cole got the biggest kick out of him and kept wanting to go over to the door to watch him.

How cute is this!?! Granddad and Cole being cool....

Ahhhhh!!! Cooool dudes!!!

Granddad likes to make Aunt Jamima hats out of the napkins whenever we go out to dinner. He put it on Cole but it made him look like a girl so we took it off. So, Cole decided to put them on Granddad and Gma Tracy.

Silly Kid!!

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