Sunday, May 16, 2010

What a Random weekend!

We had such a random weekend. I feel like we didn't do a whole lot, but when you have a 15.5 month old, I guess there are always fun stories! :)
Saturday Nick had a softball tournament.....this picture is the result of that tournament. Ouch!

Saturday afternoon, Emily came over to watch Cole while I went to Stacey's baby shower. Baby showers are always fun because I love seeing the stuff that people get. AND, it gives me ideas for the next baby. :) ha! And NO, baby #2 is not on it's way. :)
Emily and Cole played and I'm sure Cole had a great time. Emily thought it was funny when Cole would bring his tennis shoes to her so she could put them on him so they could go outside. This kid LOVES being outside!
Because how much he loves being outside, we decided to get him some sidewalk chalk. I know, he's probably more interested in eating the chalk, but we still had fun with it!

Now, we went to Target with every intention on buying the new 3D sidewalk chalk (probably because I was more excited than anyone to play with it), but when we realized it was dang expensive, we decided that until he was older to appreciate the greatness of it, we would just stick to regular chalk for now. Plus, I think he had more of it on his skin and clothes than on the patio.
Nice outfit Cole!!! :) Seriously, who dresses you?

I love my little man...what a sweet smile!

While we were outside playing, Benson decided to roll around in the mulch and his hair is the kind that is like a magnet, everything just sticks to him. I tried pulling out as much as I could, but then Nick decided to just take the vacuum to him.
Cole loves playing with his green car. Even though it is an "outside" toy, we still let him bring it inside because he loves to climb on it.

Hey Cole, that's not where your feet go when you drive. Someday you'll learn.

Sheesh....who put this kid's diaper on? Have I not told everyone that I should be Mother of the Year??

I promise that we do not let Cole get like this for every meal! I feel like I always post pictures of him completely filthy and trust me, this is maybe only a once-a-week thing. Cole LOVES pasta, I think he ate a whole piece of lasagna by himself tonight.
Also, I took this picture to send to my friend Jenn in St. Louis. She sent me the sweetest Mother's Day Card and it had a baby with spaghetti sauce all over the face and it looked just like Cole, so I wanted to send her this picture for comparison.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

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