Thursday, May 27, 2010


When I was little, my nickname was Tornado. There was one time that my mom came up to my room to help me clean it and about 2 hours later, my grandpa came up to my room and said, "have you even done anything"? For some reason, I had to have every toy and piece of clothing on the floor, even if I didn't want to use or wear it. I was notorious for just dropping things on the floor as I went from one thing to another. Even when I came home from college, my mom just dreaded it because she would say "the tornado is home". She would always ask me why I had to have all my clothes on the floor when I could put them nicely in my dresser. I'm not really sure why I insisted on having everything out...hmmm.
Now that I'm an adult and have my own things that I have paid for, I've gotten way better at clutter. In fact, I HATE clutter. Unfortunetely, my dogs and Cole did not get my new found hate of clutter.
My dogs have always insisted on going to the toy box and not being satisfied till every toy was on the floor. Benson always wants whats on the bottom so we have to get out every toy.
Cole....he is the same...we have to get out every toy, every crayon, every card from the deck and throw it all over the room.

Example 1...and this happened in about 1 minute from walking in the house

"What mom?"

I thought I would get a close-up picture of his nice war wound on the top of his nose. Andy and Teresa aren't real sure how he got it. They said he didn't cry or anything, just came in from outside and had a big scratch. Since it's right in the middle of his face, we've really been trying to keep neosporin on it so it doesn't scar. A few months ago when he slipped in the bathtup, he got a nice scar under his chin and I'm afraid there will be a permanent mark. So we are trying to not let that happen to his face.

Cole even insists on climbing up on the chair and making a mess up there. He had to pull every single flashcard out and throw them.

I have been searching for some "water shoes" for Cole for the summer. We have several pairs of crocs, but for some reason he always trips when he wears them (shoot, I trip when I wear crocs). Andy and Teresa have banned crocs because all the kids fall when wearing them so we wanted to get him some tennis shoe-type shoes that could get wet. I was so excited when I found these shoes at Lands End! They have them in all different colors and I think they are just adorable. I also can't believe that I got Cole a size 7!!! These shoes will be great when we go on our vacations this summer.

So excited about a 3-day weekend, it's been a long time since we had a break. I'm getting so annoyed with all my teacher friends that are out of school already or only have one more week! I hate you all! :) ha! This year just needs to end...for many reasons. I'm so excited to have the summer here, play with Cole, hang out with friends by the pool and not think about Hebron or school.

We have a fun weekend planned....spending time with relatives, friends and lots of pool time! Who knows, maybe Nick and I will go on a date or something :)

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Wendi said...

I love those shoes! Do they have them for adults?? :)