Sunday, May 23, 2010

Unplugged Play

I am so excited about my new purchase! I have been wanting to buy this book for quite awhile but when I went to buy it at Barnes and Noble, it was almost $30! Yikes! I held off for awhile on getting it but then I was looking online and I found it on for $4!!! It is a used book but in brand new condition. There are no creases or anything, it seriously looks brand new. I was so excited about it because it has all these different craft ideas for your kiddos. They have different part of the book for different age groups and some of it is still a bit advanced for Cole, but I did get some good ideas.
The first one we tried was to get an old shoe box, cut a slit in the top of the box and give Cole a bunch of different "old" credit cards or playing cards, whatever would fit through the hole.

It took him a little bit to figure out how to get the cards to fit through the hole, but once he figured it out, he had such a great time and it captured his attention for almost 45 min. If you know toddlers, 45 min is a LONG time!

After he put all the cards in, then he would take the lid off, and dump all the cards out and would start over...

It's so fun to watch them figure things out...that's why I'm excited about this book because it gives you all kinds of things you can do with your kids, just with stuff you already have in your house. Like making puppet socks, car ramps, etc. There is also great ideas for when you are out to eat a restaurant and you are trying to keep them entertained. Cole loves to play with Nick's wallet, so it said to get one of dad's old wallets, put coupons, fake money or anything in it and that will keep them busy for awhile. It's just a lot of things to teach kids how to "play" and not just sit around watching TV. :)

Last year I went to a friends baby shower and they made these hats for all the girls. I must have stuck it somewhere in the garage. I honestly don't know where I put it but Cole managed to find it. I went out to the garage after putting some things away from the car, went back outside and he had this hat on his head. Nick calls him Driving Miss Daisy!

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