Thursday, May 13, 2010's like a Flipbook

Since Cole has learned how to climb up on furniture, he thinks he is hot stuff and gets so excited about his new abilities. Whenever he wants to get off the couch, he goes the LONG and more time consuming way. Probably because it is just way more fun and challenging. The next few pictures are almost like a flipbook of him getting off the couch.
Alright, he got on the couch, now time to get off the couch.....

"Just get this leg over"

"Now the other leg, wow, I feel like a frog"

"Alright! I did it! Now to get off the stool...hmm"

"Ok, just get on your bottom, I can do this"

"Just a slide on down and...I'm the champion!!"

"I Rock!!"

Nick took this picture this morning to send to his Aunt Judy and Uncle Dan. They got Cole this outfit and we thought it was so funny...he looks like such a big boy in it.
Oh, and thanks Nick for combing Cole's hair for the picture. Usually when Cole gets up in the morning he tends to look like a rooster with his hair sticking straight up in the back. :)

This picture cracks me up because he has my old cell phone up to his ear and he's saying "hi, hi, hi". Then he'll just jabber away.....he must get that from his dad :)

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