Monday, April 19, 2010

Sad the weekend is over!

My parents and Ross left early this morning to head back home to Colorado. I hate saying good-byes and only getting to see them every couple months! I wish we could see them more often...but we sure had a great visit while they were here. My dad came into town last Thursday and we spent the weekend shopping, doing yard work and eating lots of yummy food....oh and being entertained by the new monkey in our house :) Cole never fails to entertain and his new trick is to climb on everything. It's a good thing he didn't figure out how to do this a few months ago when we'd have the fire place going, but he LOVES to climb on the fireplace. This is usually how it happens.....
" no"
"Cole, nooo...put your leg down, get down!"
All the while, he's looking at us, knowing he's doing something wrong :)

"Cole!!! Get no!!!"
Eh, what do you do?...boys will be boys and climb on everything, just as long as he doesn't crack his head on the brick. :)
He's also started to climb on the couches, these are a little harder though b/c they are a little slippery.

Yep...more climbing on the fireplace....ugh!

My mom had a few things on the agenda while she was in town. She needed to trim my hair, Cole's hair and also Ross' hair. I think this was about haircut #5 or 6 or Cole, but this time I really didn't want a lot trimmed off, just some of his bangs. I absolutely LOVE his curls and didn't want them to be cut off. My dad is probably horrified with how long his hair is and that it's hanging over his ears, but I just wanted to keep his curls a bit longer. So he basically got a bang trim :)
It's always a challenge to keep a 15 month old still, especially while trimming near the eyes, so my mom always jokes that we should give him a piece of licorice because when she was little, that's what she gave her poodle to chew on when she would give her haircuts, ha! We didn't have any, so we gave him a biter biscuit and I should have known that it was going to be a complete mess, but oh well.

Yummy, see the nasty biscuit on his belly, dripping down??

Looking good! :)

My mom and dad really had a fun time playing with Cole. My dad especially couldn't believe how big he had gotten. They got a big kick out of all the new things he's doing. Oh gosh, I was so excited because he did a few new tricks this week while they were there and we are so excited for them!!! I think it was Wednesday morning, Cole blew me a kiss....ahhhh, way to warm a momma's heart!!! Then, one time the dogs started barking and he put his finger up to his mouth and said "shhhhh". I have no idea where he got that from, but it is hysterical! He kept doing it the rest of the weekend. Plus, he started climbing much better, so luckily my family got to experience all these new things he's doing.
Here is my dad giving Cole his bedtime bottle

Uncle Ross:
Ross has always been so good with Cole, even when he was itty bitty, but this week for sure, Cole got super attached to Ross! It is so cute because Ross would be trying to work out to his P90X and Cole kept going up to him with his arms in the air wanting Ross to hold him. So cute! Then, whenever I wouldn't give him what he wanted, he would run to Uncle Ross and want Ross to hold him. PLUS...Cole LOVED playing with his computer.

Ross put this bandana on Cole and we all thought it was pretty dude!
And Cole having some sweet Uncle time at the end of the night....although, Ross did refuse to do any diaper changes. What's THAT about!?! :)

We sure had a great time, and I appreciate all the help with yard work, cleaning, cooking...we will miss you guys!!!

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tracyseeman said...

So glad that Ross and Kathy along with Clair got to spend some quality time with you, nick and little man. I am sure they were as sad to go as you were to see them go. How wonderful to be able to make these memories and record them on the blog! Hope we get to see you and Cole at Chris's party this weekend. Call if you need anything while Nick is out of town! MIL