Thursday, April 22, 2010


Before we had Cole, I think it would be safe to say that our backyard officially belonged to the dogs. We....I mean Nick (hehe) wasn't to good about picking up dog poo because we weren't playing in the yard enough for it to bother us. Now that Cole is at that age where he wants to be outside ALL the time, I've been on Nick about getting our grass/lawn in better shape so I don't have to worry about him trying to eat dog poo when we are out there.
Our yard has gotten much better and I even scooped up a bunch of poo this afternoon while Cole played outside.

Cole was so funny because he played this game the back door, run out to the lawn, squeal, point, stagger around like a drunk man, then run back to the door, walk inside and close the door. I think we must have done that about 20 times. It's funny what excites toddlers!


Here is a video showing you how he would go back and forth from the house to the yard, and do that over and over...and over :)
Oh, and the random music and talking in the background is our neighbor's house getting built :) I love having those workers be able to see everything I'm doing in my backyard while they are bricking that house......sigh :)

Tonight after I put Cole to bed, I looked on the video monitor and wondered how on earth he was comfortable. So, I went in there and obviously took some pictures :)
He had his monkey underneath him and his head mashed into the corner. Cole honey, you don't fit in your bed that way. :)

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Rachel said...

Your yard looks nice, good job! Cole cracks me up. What a funny little kid! Can't wait to see him again in June...oh yeah and you guys too. :-)