Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dad and the Jammies

It has not been easy putting clothes on Cole lately, because he wants to go-go-go. I even got a video of Nick trying (and me standing by laughing) to put Cole's jammies on. Oh, and at the end of the video, that was me making the farting noises, not Cole..ahaha!!

Here are a couple of pictures of my little man and me. I feel like I'm always the one taking pictures so I don't get a whole lot of him and me. You can tell by the first picture that he's not diggin the picture-taking.

Yesterday, I made a pretty big purchase. I've been wanting to get a BOB stroller so I can get back into running and with me working, I really don't have time to go to the gym so I thought if I can get a jogging stroller then I can come home and go on a run with Cole. Since we are doing the Dave Ramsey budget stuff we made plans to purchase the stroller next month so we could set some money aside for a couple months. Well....yesterday morning I went to put my skirt on and it was a bit snug, so this is my conversation with Nick....
Me: Um, I'm going to go buy the stroller TODAY (as I continue to pout)
Nick: Why? We didn't plan to get it till next month
Me: Too bad, I don't fit in my skirt as I would like, I'm getting it today....so there!
Nick: Um, ok

Nick knows not to mess with a girl and her body image!!! Good job babe!!! :)
I purchased the stroller, came home and went for a jog....and I love it!! Can't wait to really break it in!!

After my jog today....wow, he sure is excited about his new ride huh!?! Oh, and I know he has one shoe on and his shirt is half-way up his gut...who cares, he's still cute! :)

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Stacey said...

That video had me laughing out loud at my desk! So cute :-)