Sunday, March 7, 2010

Baylor beats something....finally!

Saturday morning Nick and I headed down to Waco with our friends Chris and Laura so we could go to the Baylor/UT basketball game. We knew it would be a pretty good game because the Bears beat the Horns the last time they played and's UT. We were really looking forward to going and spending our first night away from Cole. I mean, we weren't "excited" to be away from him, but we knew we would have fun just hanging out with friends and being back in our college town. This was my first night away from Cole and I actually was totally fine with it. Everyone said they were surprised I didn't worry more, or call to check in more. :)

Anyway...after seeing campus and walking around a bit (holy cow have things changed on campus...sheesh!!!) we headed to the game and watched an AWESOME game!!!

Here's me and Nick excited to be at the game!!
It was a little weird sitting up so high. When Nick and I were AT Baylor, we would go to almost every home game (mostly the girls games though) and we always got to sit right behind the net and practically be on the court. So being up so high this time, obviously wasn't as cool, but was still so much fun!

Speaking of fun....look at THAT score!!!!
It was such an exciting game, Baylor killed them! For Baylor, that is so exciting because everyone knows that we don't beat UT at much.

After the game, we stopped by our old boathouse. Well, we actually had to park there so before we left, we had to take a couple pictures. In case you don't know, Nick and I both were on the rowing team at Baylor, Nick was actually the head coach and I also was an assistant coach for a couple years. Those were some fun years!!
This picture is where the dock is on the river. I would love to say that we spent a lot of time on this dock, but they actually only built this dock my last semester at Baylor, so I didn't get to use it much. We had to do it the old fashioned way....actually walk into the water and put the boat in. We didn't get those fancy docks :)

Here are pictures of me and Nick super excited that our Bears won!!!!

Since we were in Waco, we had to take advantage of our favorite spots....aka Georges, Crickets, and Ninfa's. We ate dinner at George's and as you can see by this picture, it was a lot of fried goodness!! We knew going into it that we would not be eating healthy, but it was SO good!!

For some reason, Chris wanted to climb this tree. He wanted to climb the wall, but settled for the tree instead :) Dork!

Guess I was pretty hungry....finishing off the basket of chips is so attractive Annie!!!

Chris and Laura
I was pretty anxious to get home on Sunday, but we had to stop at the Czech stop and get some kolaches. They were so good but would get into a lot of trouble if I ate those all the time. When we got home I just thought that Cole would run to me (well not run quite yet) and give me a big hug.....pshhhh....I picked him up and he immediately reached for grandma. What's THAT about!!! :) ha! Nah, I've heard that's totally normal for kids to do that so I didn't think too much of it, just thought it was funny. At least I knew he had a great time.

Something completely random. Nick and I have had the same duvet cover since we moved into our house over 4 years ago and I was in the mood to get some spring bedding, and something brighter. I feel like our house has such neutral colors and I was wanting something bright!
How's this for bright!?!
I'm just surprised that Nick let me get this new bedding...pretty girly huh? It was a sale item at Pottery Barn so unfortunately they didn't have king sized shams so I had to just get orange pillow cases to go with it. It is a pretty wild choice, but I like it so far. :)

Oh my gosh, I just realized there are no pictures of Cole on this post!! Don't think the grandparents will like here are a couple from tonight. Yes, he's walking around with no diaper. I'm just asking for him to potty all over right? He needed to air his booty out a bit, if that makes me a bad parent, oh well!!


tracyseeman said...

I know that you know he prefers you...he just likes me for my phone!! Little bugger :) MIL

Him and Her said...

Hey, we all need a lil booty airing out every once in a while! haha
Go Bears!! You should have checked out jacob's ladder, it's all fancified now!

Clair & Kathleen said...

So glad you had a great time at Baylor & that they beat UT. How fun also for Cole to have Gramma & Granddad spend the night with him! Thanks for sharing all the fun updates & pictures of Cole's booty with us. He's soooo cute. Love ya, Momma

Claire said...

What a cute post!