Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Cole and I made another trip to Colorado. I really wanted to meet my new baby niece Cameron and we also got to see a bunch of friends and had a lot of play dates for Cole.
I was a little nervous about flying by myself with Cole as he's at that age where he doesn't want to sit still because he is officially a walker and wants to practice! I had to fly standby because I was flying on a buddy pass, luckily we got on both flights, however on the way there, I sat next to two gentlemen that obviously hated children. That was a little stressful and of course that was the time when Cole was crabby and wanted to do anything BUT stay in the seat. Oh well, that wasn't going to ruin my trip. The rest of the long weekend was so much fun! I accidentally forgot Cole's blanket so I had to borrow a bright pink one from Cameron for Cole to sleep with. Nick would have been so proud, especially when he went to play with his friend Mikaela and was playing with baby dolls...ha!
With Cole walking all over the place now, it was that much harder at my parents house because their house is certainly not baby-proof AND they have stairs that Cole constantly wanted to climb up and down on.
Here is Cole climbing up the stairs. For not having stairs at our house, he actually did really well. He finally started understanding that to get down the stairs, he had to get on his belly, and go feet first. At first he tried to just walk down....ha!
We had a lot of visitors while we were home and Cole had so much fun playing with his friends and 2nd cousins. Some of my cousins were in town and brought their kids over. It was great seeing everyone and watching Cole follow the big boys around.

This was the barricade we had to put in front of the stairs for awhile because the boys kept wanting to go up and down...and up and down, over and over!
Some other old friends came over and brought their two little boys Luke and Benny over. Benny is one week younger than Cole and Cole was significantly bigger than Benny, but they sure had fun....yes, climbing up the stairs! To say I was tired after this trip is an understatement! I felt like I was chasing after little boys all weekend, but it sure was fun watching them explore new things.
This is Benny and Cole
Benny, Luke (the older one) and Cole
When Cole got to meet Miss Cameron for the first time, he wasn't too sure about her. He was very curious. He even went over to her carseat several times and just watched it. One of the nights he definitely did not like me holding Cameron. He just kind of sat down and had a little melt down and got pretty jealous.
Here my dad holding Cameron and Cole just watching
Miss Cameron while we ate at Panera Bread. Rachel had to get a few things at Babies R Us so we made the trip with her and ate lunch before and had a nice day out. I think Cameron slept the entire time...literally...ha! Look at her crazy hair! :)
Cameron and her Auntie Annie :)
Look at that cute face...I promise Ryan wasn't choking her, just burping.
The new family of 3....Rachel, Ryan and Cameron. Cameron, what are you looking at????
I think for about 3 days straight, Cole walked around with my parents home phone in his hands. Literally all day! He would hold it up to his ear saying "hi, hi" and kept pushing the buttons. We would try to steal it back from him and put it back but he would walk up to the counter and try his hardest to reach for it. He would then walk over to whoever was closest to him and get them to come over and get the phone for him. He's a smart guy, when he knows what he wants!
Cole also learned how to open the doors. Thank God we don't have these kinds of doorknobs because we'd be in big trouble.
Here is a picture of Cole with his Uncle Ross....Cole loves Ross!!!
One afternoon Cole woke up from his nap, my mom went up to get him and he came down with THE craziest hair yet! We all couldn't stop laughing, also because he was acting so drowsy and sleepy yet and he was just wondering why everyone was laughing at him.
Here is Grammy once she brought him down from his nap......
Cole still waking up.....do you see the crazy hair???? Oh, and that's his pink blanket :)
Ahhhh....there is the hair!!!! For awhile he looked like Ace Ventura!
Grammy with Cole....he was trying to brush his own hair, that's why he has a brush and comb in his hands. :)
It was a great trip, as usual it went way too fast. It is nice to get home and be in our own beds and we really missed Nick! When we are at my parents, Cole and I have to sleep in the same bed and that really is not my favorite thing. I think he knows I'm in the room, so he'll wake up at midnight and want to get in bed with me. I don't mind that he wants to get in bed with me, but he is a wild sleeper and does circles all night, which makes mom not sleep very well. For that, I'm so glad to be back in our own beds!
The flight back yesterday was so much better than going to Colorado. I was afraid we wouldn't get on the flight because it was a full flight and I was #3 on the standby list but we ended up getting on AND had the only empty seat next to us so Cole and I got to share 2 seats and the guy that sat next to us was way nice. Cole pretty much slept the entire flight home so it was a relaxing trip home...thank God!
Um...last night, Nick and I wasted over 2 hours of our lives that we will never get back watching the finale of The Bachelor (I mean, no Nick didn't watch The bachelor with me, he is certainly too manly for that). Seriously, what a waste of time! We did, however, have fun making fun of everything....but sheesh, AND this bachelor is now supposed to be on Dancing With the Stars!!! I thought he was a pilot, doesn't he have a job??? Random thoughts....sorry.


Him and Her said...

oh i missed that part about him being on Dancing with the Stars! Seriously...maybe the pilot thing is fake, maybe he's an actor?! I watched one episode mid-season, where he kicked off two girls, and then these past two episodes. I got so into it. My manly husband didn't watch it with me either!

Glad you got to see Cameron and your fam.
Yay for SB and her flight hook-ups!
Cole is looking cute as ever and he's getting so big!

Joe, Jenn, and Nathan said...

your life sounds just like mine. if we get these two boys together we will lose all remotes, phones, and anything else electronic! also, the stairs-it STINKS going to people's houses that don't have gates because i literally spend the entire time at the stairs! haha! also, ditto on the bachelor.

andersons2002 said...

Great pictures! Sorry we missed you! Looks like you had a great trip! I can totally relate that it's fun traveling, especially home, but it's also nice to get home and back in a routine! That only gets worse adding baby #2! Hope to see you next time!